Decoding the Positive Signals from Your Potential Employer

You are expected to be able to decode the positive hiring signals.

Of what point will it be when an institution or a company wants to hire you and you cannot even have a clue about the decision …?

Many candidates have lost their career opportunities because they didn’t know that they must be able to read and act upon the signals from their potential employers.

Your ability and readiness to decode the signals will help you to have adequate prep for the interview. The same ability will enable you to know what to do at appropriate points in the remaining part of the recruitment process (i.e. after the interview). These points give you the hint that there are things outside the look and the content of your cover letter or resume that may count so big for winning your dream job.

Quickly take note that there are three phases in the recruitment process where you could encounter positive hiring signals from your potential employer:

a. After expressing your interest in a position
b. During your interview.
c. After your interview (i.e. before your interview feedback)

Although, signals may vary in manner or may be noticed at different times by individual candidate, the fact is that they often occur and knowing how to deal with them is very important.

As pointed out, ‘we-will-like-you-to-join-us’ signals may be different and, therefore, there cannot be a comprehensive list of them. But few samples will be helpful to you:

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The signals may be through the communication to you which can request any of the following:

1. The expiry date of your international passport (for international jobs or if your job involves travelling or functions will request identifying yourself with your international passport.
2. Intention to further your education or attend career development courses or programme.
3. Updating your CV.
4. Addition of names referees.
5. A survey form sent to you after interview to further probe your competencies or personal traits.
6. Checking up with you about something you referred to in your resume or which you mentioned during your interview.
7. Whether you can start working earlier than the date previously indicated in the ad or in any other communication.

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I think the list above will give you the heads-up to identify and decode any positive signal from your potential employer.

More importantly, , ensure that you do the following three things:

• Ensure that you appropriately and timely respond to the request. There may not be another chance to do such.

• When communicating in response to the first signal, find out something remarkable done or achieved recently by the employer and communicate your compliments on it. You may check the website of the employer for events, media reports etc. to generate your compliments. Doing this is a corresponding signal that you are also interested in the employer.

• After that recommended action, establish a periodical follow-up with key contacts in the employment of your potential employer. Reaching the key contacts by phone is better than emailing. However, the choice of follow-up communication channel will be situational.

More tips to come, but before then…

Let me ask you…

Have you ever had the view that the secret of winning a job (and other things like it) is psychology?

Joe Oye is an author, online content developer and a Kindle publishing coach. He worked overseas for 6 years managing the international recruitment of academic/management staff of a university college. He left the corporate terrain to leverage fully his passion for writing and allied creativity in forms of content development, training and information marketing services.
Joe is the owner of the information marketing project at gcclecturingjobsguide and the creator of the Udemy course. He has been a professional online researcher far earlier to the emergence of Google search engine. He enjoys being a minimalist and he strongly believes that every life achievement is interconnected with specific psychological fundamentals.

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