Advantages Of Psychometric Testing

Career guidance is all about providing quality, independent and an objective approach to career planning. One of the important tools used to dole out the advice is the use of psychometric tests. Psychometric tests are standardised tests used to measure an individual’s capabilities and behavioural patterns. It provides information on the personality and cognitive abilities of people and helps in determining their suitability for various careers.

One of the important tools used to dole out the advice is the use of psychometric tests. Psychometric tests are standardized tests used to measure an individual’s capability and behavioral patterns. It provides information on the personality and cognitive abilities of people and helps in determining their suitability for various careers.

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Psychometric tests have gained a lot of popularity in recent times; this is because when coupled with the right guidance from professionals, this becomes an invaluable tool in helping an individual carve his niche spot. To put it broadly, the tests help students by

1. Providing an insight into the personality of the candidate
2. It makes the person know their strengths and weaknesses
3. Discovering latent talent or hidden skills.
4. Identification of the dexterity of the individual
5. The interests of the candidate become known easily

Students who finish their 10th or even their 12th generally do not have a clear idea about what they want to do with respect to their careers. They depend severely on the advice of their peers which may not always have a favorable outcome. A proper educational and career guidance by people who are accomplished professionals coupled with psychometric testing can help in narrowing down the list of doubts or insecurities that plague the candidate. These tests are in no way a quick fix answer for all the problems but they help in assisting the candidate in determining his personality, talent and weaknesses. Even though psychometric tests are just one of the several tools available for helping students, the insight provided by them is invaluable.

The following illustrates the advantages and possibilities that are unveiled by the concept of psychometric testing.


Psychometric tests are considered to be one of the most efficient tests to determine a candidate’s strengths, abilities and persona. If you are unsure of the right career for you and are mostly unaware of the skills and talents that you possess, then, psychometric testing is the perfect tool to help you analyze the candidate’s abilities in a smart, efficient and succinct manner.

2.Lack of oral skills

Not everyone is verbose. Some people find it very difficult to put forth their thoughts and desires. Psychometric testing ensures that people who are unsure of their speaking skills can make up for it with the test. The test is designed in such a manner that all the core information that is needed from the applicant is received. Companies too can identify candidates who are smart and resourceful but lack the necessary oratory skills.

3.Personality detection

One of the key reasons for the use of psychometric testing in career counselling is to establish the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. It provides an insight into the way the person thinks and behaves to various situations, thus, shedding light onto their decision making skills and their inner personality.

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4.Career satisfaction

It can often be observed that many people get disillusioned with their careers soon after they join a particular field. This happens when the candidate does not make an informed decision but takes the career step based on false advice or emotions. The tests help in achieving career satisfaction, dealing with work related stress and help in making the necessary advancements in the person’s career.


Psychometric tests not only talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the individual but also reveal their interests. Knowing the interests of the candidate helps the counsellors as well as it shows the candidate’s inclination towards various careers and gives the counsellors the ground material to work on.

6.Equal treatment

The most significant advantage of psychometric tests lie in their standardised format. This ensures that all people are treated equally and fairly and equal opportunity is given to every individual to succeed.

7.Scope for improvement

Once the test is complete, the flaws and weaknesses of the applicant are revealed. In some cases, these turn out to be aspects which even the candidate may be unaware of. Room for improvement is made and guided by qualified professionals, the candidate can work on his flaws and increase his skill set.

In conclusion, psychometric testing can be broadly classified into 4 factors; motivation, aptitude, interest and personality and lastly, affinity towards fellow beings.


Psychometric testing seeks to divulge the core information of the candidate, what fuels them? Do they desire respect? Money? Freedom? Stability or do they need some kind of variety in their lives? The human mind is an abstract concept with each person behaving differently and wanting different things. By evaluating the candidate’s personality, a good judgement of his abilities and interests can be made.


The natural ability to complete tasks is a gift we all possess but few make use of. This is because not many people are aware of the diverse sectors where their skills are in high demand. Testing helps the candidate and the counsellor know the natural inclination and potential of the applicant.


This is the most crucial aspect of psychometric testing. Many people take the test to discover what their interests are! Once the test is complete, a qualified educational counsellor can make an acute judgement on whether the person in question is a thinker, doer, creator, organiser etc.


We all unique in our own ways. We speak, think and behave as per the way we are shaped by the events around us. Natural environment plays a huge role in shaping of the personality of an individual. Psychometric testing helps know the kind of personality the individual possesses spontaneous, gregarious, solitary, creative etc. and helps categorise them for the field they are best suited for.

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Renu Kishor works as Content Analyst basically provides Psychometric Career Assessment to discover true potential and interest of an aspirant. Beside her work she also has a keen interest in counseling students to take the right stride towards achieving their career goals. She likes to write, listen to music besides travelling to exotic locations.

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