Communication Blunders Job Seekers Make

Let’s face the fact…

One of the most common mistakes job seekers make is not knowing how to get good quality leads or emails for marketing. If you learn these skills you will grow a lot in this field. This is what recruiters are looking for, to get you set up on these platforms

Getting hold of a good job is getting increasingly challenging – I beg to refuse the temptation to use ‘difficult’. But it’s extremely challenging. In the recent past, communicating your fit and your values for a job was not too difficult because attention was disproportionally focused on academic qualifications. That was why the race to grab multiple degrees became a ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ competition.

Now, communication has taken a different meaning. No, not actually a different meaning, communication has taken its true meaning in the job search market. Only good communicators are having things pan out positively for them, and there are different alternatives which can be use for this in any company like a Shared inbox so all the workers can share the same email.

Communication Vs Networking

It’s stale news telling you that networking is essential to job hunt success but it’s always fresh to remind you that the success of networking depends on how you network – how you communicate.


First, how much do you know about your strengths? Or what do you think you will be talking about during networking? That’s where many of us bungle it. We don’t even know much about our strengths. So, our communication efforts are often hollow and are at best some form of going about with a polished begging bowl.


It gets complicated for some people. I recently had a talk with a client of mine. He wanted some advice on how he could come to limelight. What could he offer? The list started…and it got longer with every statement he made. He could do this, that and those. Jeez! I got confused at a point and I told him to tell me only one thing he could do very well.
It’s likely you’re like him. You can do a host of things. That’s fine. But for effective communication and networking, narrow it down to at most three related skills – take note of the adjective ‘related’. Otherwise, not many people will take you seriously.


Non-Verbal Communication

If the online profile photo of a person shows her dressed in a track suit, would you picture her as a business coach or as a sports coach? If you chose a sports coach, then, we reasoned alike.

It’s as simple as that.

non verbal

Communication is not just about what you say or what you write. There are stereotypes that have been etched into the mind of the corporate world and, believe me, whatever your personal taste and preferences are, those stereotypes won’t change in your lifetime. How you’re dressed, your composure, your hairstyle and shoe physical texture, the state of your face and something as ‘irrelevant’ as handshakes are parts of what form communication in the job market.

The King of Communication Sins

As important as the first two factors mentioned above are in communication, they pitiably pale into nothingness when it comes to the powers of oral communication. Check out these speech language pathologist jobs offerings.

Here, three things come to play. And you must get some mastery of each of them.

One is grammar. You expose yourself to needless ridicule any time you open your mouth and speak out sentences that will attract tens of green and red squiggly lines in a Microsoft Word document. You know that you’re not making any progress at communication if the person you’re talking to keeps coming up with “Oh, you mean…” interjections at a regular interval. Some may be polite enough not to say anything though.
Work on it. The grammar of a language is the oil of communication for the language.

interview (1)

Then, here comes another bombshell! Your diction can ruin your chances. Yes, you read that well. Your diction can become your demon if you don’t work on polishing it a little bit.

When I left my village and came to Lagos in 1998, even up until I went for service, my English often drew some concealed smiles and giggles from people. The words and the sentences were correct. But my diction, the way I pronounced them told everybody that I was fresh from one corner of Ijeshaland. I didn’t realise this until I started recording my speeches. Then I understood that I had been a clown all along.

Work on your diction by consciously practising how to pronounce words in English. Marvelous is our technology now that you can download free apps that will guide you on diction.

Finally, your delivery rate could be a menace. Confident people don’t rush their speeches. The job market is not a school competition where the first person to read out a sentence wins the trophy. Nope. You need to talk (I mean communicate) with grace and finesse.
I once interviewed a candidate whose pace I couldn’t cope with when it came to talking. What! I had to pretend I was getting what he was saying in the end but God knew he was too fast for me to understand.

One more thing that I noticed is the change of main objectives for some specialists. If we are talking about marijuana lawyer, it was all clear in the past when a lawyer used to defend clients against marijuana-related charges. Now with cannabis legalization lawyers are recruited to represent clients involved in all aspects of the legal cannabis trade.

So long friend! We won’t get all our problems solved at one reading – that’s a given.

So, should you need some advice or tips on job search, interviews, CVs and the likes, I am always accessible at [email protected] Send me an email, stating your request.
Have a great day.

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