Four Mischievous Celebrities That Can Teach Us Career Lessons

The entertainment industry is crazy and the celebrities have become so popular and powerful, that even Kanye West planned on running for the position of President of the United States.

The Western celebrities and even the local ones might have committed some unforgivable crimes, but the truth is we can still learn something from them, as most of them are highly successful in their careers.

They maximize every situation to their advantage; they turn all of their mistakes into movies, songs, books and even documentaries, which is actually a great business move.

One surprising thing about these celebrities is that they worked various low paid jobs until they managed to build their careers. Some of them might not have ‘high moral values’ but they have good business acumen and that’s what we’ll be considering today. Ngcareers have compiled a list of Hollywood entertainers who we can learn a thing or two from.

Don’t commit a crime, and don’t follow their mistakes, but learn from their business accomplishments and follow their advice.

1. Naomi Campbell

“I like to control everything, and you cannot control everything. You have to at some point say, ‘I let go and I’m going to let the cards fall where they fall…’ For a control freak, it’s hard.”


Those were the words of Naomi Campbell, one of the sexiest women alive, and one who knows how to run a business. She has got some serious anger management issues, and she definitely likes to hit other people. In 2000, she threw a mobile phone at her assistant, and later she did the same to her maid. She has also spit at police officers and kicked people, just because her luggage went missing.
Just few years ago, she attacked her chauffeur, and in 2015 she kicked a cameraman in Cuba. That’s a lot of violence coming from a young woman.

Judging from the above, we can definitely see that she can’t control everything, most especially her actions – something which we all think is an easy feat; honestly, it is not easy.

Looking beyond the negative, , she isn’t just a supermodel, but also a super woman. Follow her advice, and if you are a control freak too, learn to sometimes back off and let things go the way they’re supposed to. Another lesson every control freak should learn is that sometimes not everything goes according to the plan, and the sign of being successful is being able to make it look like it was planned.

2. Martha Stewart

“Getting over those unexpected hurdles may not be exactly enjoyable, but ultimately I believe that such challenges and the solutions we find give us more confidence. They teach us with common sense and determination we can turn what looks like a disaster into a triumph.”
That’s some sound advice coming from someone who turned a massive failure into a big comeback. Martha got caught and was convicted of insider trading in 2004. Also, she made false statements to federal investigators, which didn’t help her avoid prison; it only made the whole scandal even worse.


However, she turned her disaster into a triumph, and she made a big comeback in 2011. During her time in prison, she managed to keep her pride and keep her good reputation.
She made her prison disaster a topic of every stand up show, and if she was able to pull that off, then you can turn every failure to your benefit.

Many celebrities failed, but they didn’t sit in their room and cry about it – they admitted the mistake, used it to their benefit and then proudly corrected it.

3. Jay Z

“Identity is a prison you can never escape, but the way to redeem your past is not to run from it, but to try to understand it, and use it as a foundation to grow.”

That’s some deep stuff if you ask me. Self-awareness in both life and business is a must have in other to be successful. . You need to be self-preservative in order to grow by recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. Never consider your weaknesses as obstacles; you should learn to use them to your benefit. Jay Z advises that you need to look at your past and roots, and don’t let them fully define you, as you are an individual who is defined by their choices.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 12: Jay-Z attends the Miami Heat vs Brooklyn Nets game at Barclays Center on May 12, 2014 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Obviously, he didn’t let his murder attempt define or stop him. He believed that his record executive Lance Riviera was the one to blame for bootlegging his album Vol. 3, so he stabbed him in a Manhattan club in 1999. I am sure we all have our personal versions of 99 problems just like Jay Z, but I beg you, if you don’t like your executive or anybody working for or with you, just fire him, don’t stab the man.

4. Mike Tyson

“Everyone says “I wish I was in your shoes…”, the hundreds of people who wish they were in my shoes don’t know the tenth of it. If they were in my shoes they would cry like a baby.”

The worst thing you can do to yourself as an individual is to wish you were someone else. Learn to be happy with who you are – if someone is more successful than you, the easiest thing to do is wish you were in their shoes, but it takes courage to work on becoming as good as someone else, or even better.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 16: Mike Tyson speaks on stage during his speaking tour, "Day of the Champions" at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on November 16, 2012 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

According to Mike Tyson’s criminal record, he was arrested in 1991, because an 18-year old claimed to have been pinned down and raped by him. We definitely don’t know even the tenth of his dark past, so don’t judge the person only by their success.

Their arrogance and feelings of entitlement are definitely something that makes us hate these celebrities, but we shouldn’t forget that all the people on this list have done a lot of charity work and used their money for a good purpose. Most of the celebrities are really generous, and they went through a lot to gain their success.

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