Top 9 Careers for People With Amazing Memory

There’s a myth that says “As we get older our memory gets much worse”. Now I don’t know if that statement has any truth and to what extent, but what I do know is that there are some of us who have amazing memories, sometimes, it even borders on photographic memories.

We often make the mistake of thinking that our ability to remember information is unnecessary in this digital age since we can literally Google anything. But if you have a good memory, choosing the right career path can prove to be invaluable. Here are top nine careers for people with a good memory.

1. Talk Show Host


If you have dreams of fame and fortune, then being a talk show host could be a good career for you. If you have a good memory in this line of work, you will be extra successful. Even though teleprompters are the rave, as a talk show host, you will have to memorize your talking points for the show and any interview questions for your guests. I can assure you that it is highly embarrassing when you fail to recall vital information when hosting.

2. Politician


It doesn’t matter whether your dream is to be President someday (hey, don’t despair, it could happen) or you want to be involved in politics in your city or town at the local level, you definitely need a pretty awesome memory to do so. You need to be super good with memory when it comes to political rules, laws and facts, not to mention being able to remember all of your campaign promises if it’s an election season.

3. Writer


You may not think that being a writer automatically requires a good memory, but think about how many deadlines, plots and characters a writer has to deal with on a daily basis. Whatever kind of writing you do, from freelance blogs and articles to feature stories to novels or non-fiction books, you will help yourself out a lot if you have a good memory.

4. Project Manager


As the title entails, Project managers manage projects, a lot of projects. Since they are in charge of projects and have to be super organized, a good memory comes in handy. Basically, when it comes to a job that involves a lot of organization, you better have an excellent memory or you’re asking for trouble.

5. Ad Copywriter

copy writer
If you ever have plans of working in the wonderful world of advertising; whether you dream of writing catchy slogans or want to be on the ad executive side, you definitely need to be able to rely on your memory. That’s because advertising involves a lot of pitch meetings, when I say a lot, I mean a lot. You need to look like you know what you’re talking about and nobody has ever looked confident reading off of note cards.

6. Journalist


You definitely need to have a good memory to be successful in the field of journalism, especially given the fact that it’s a super competitive industry. If you’re a news reporter or even a magazine feature writer, you need to rely on your strong memory to recall facts at the drop of a hat. A good memory is also crucial during interviews because you can’t exactly ask the person that you’re interviewing to just wait and hang out while you Google some facts. You want to look like you know what you’re doing and are a total professional and that involves being able to remember a lot of information.

7. Lawyers


Have you ever wondered how lawyers seem to know so much information? This is one career that you will definitely excel in if you have an awesome memory. You have to remember the details of your clients’ cases if you’re speaking in court and negotiating on their behalf. You also have to remember tons of past cases and precedents. You basically must have this information stored away in your brain because if you’re in the middle of court, there’s zero time to stop and Google or grab an old legal textbook. It’s all you and your brain.

8. Teacher

Male teacher standing before students (8-10) with hands raised

Growing up, I am sure you probably didn’t give much thought to your teachers beyond whether they seemed nice or wicked. But teaching is one career that definitely demands a good memory. With this overly wise generation who asks just about any question, you can’t exactly stand at the front of your classroom and read your entire lesson plan. When you think about it, teachers demand tons of respect because that’s a pretty tough job, and they have to memorize a lot.

9. Perfomer


If your dream job is being a singer, dancer or actor and you have a good memory, then you’re in luck, because performing requires a stellar memory. You need to remember song lyrics. You need to remember choreography. You need to remember lines of dialogue. These jobs may seem fun but they’re basically an endless stream of memorizing. So if your memory sucks, then you might need to find a new career. But if your memory is excellent, then this might be the right path for you.
Do you have an amazing memory? Can you remember small and insignificant details from your past, weird things that people tell you, people’s faces and names? Can you remember every single fact you’ve ever learned? (Ok, that may be taking it too far) but If the general idea describes you, then congrats. It’s a pretty amazing thing in this modern, iPhone and Google obsessed world to be able to have a strong memory. Now you know the top jobs that you can get with a good memory. So what are you waiting for? Your next career change awaits.


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