8 Hottest Keywords To Include In Your CV

Are you aware that just a single word has the power to grant your wish of getting a new job?

Your CV will be examined by a number of employers just like that of other candidates. Bearing in mind that employers spend only about 6-10 seconds reviewing each document, you need to ensure that within the given timeframe your CV will make a strong, positive impression.

If you want recruiters to remember you, all you have to do is enhance your CV’s impact by making it concise, coherent and relevant. This should make your CV easier to read and will help employers scan the paper in search of those keywords that correspond to the skills matching the open position.

How exactly are you going to do that?

Basically, your CV should include some crucial keywords that can make it as relevant to the job as possible.

As it turns out, recruiters spend almost 80% of their resume review looking at the following:

  • Your Name
  • Current title/company and dates
  • Previous title/company and dates
  • Education

This suggests that upon writing your CV you should aim to use relevant keywords such as;

  1. Resolved

This portrays that in your previous role you solved a difficult situation or you provided a feasible solution to it. Above all, employers want to recruit problem-solvers and people who can make things work.

  1. Won

This word indicates success and success is what employers want to see in their future employees. When talking about your achievements make sure that you give enough details as to help them understand how you did it and why it’s so important for the job role.

  1. Improved

Every employer wants to know what an employee can do to help and further develop their company. If you can show on your CV that you have done this previously, it’s guaranteed you will be amongst their most top candidates.

  1. Influenced

Recruiters are more likely to hire someone who demonstrates leadership ability over a candidate who states the obvious cliché of ‘taking initiatives’ in their CV. In order to convince them, however, you have to refer to an example where you were able to influence a group of people to follow your lead. This could be a suggestion you made, or a different course of action over a problem.

  1. Generated

When the verb ‘generated’ is used in a CV it is usually followed by other powerful words: ‘profits’ or ‘revenues’. Fortunately, these words sing like wedding bells for the most money-thirsty employers, so it’s important that you demonstrate how much you were able to generate for the previous company and refer to specific numbers.

  1. Implemented

At every chance you get, you need to refer to your contribution to the previous employer and show how valuable you can be in your next role. As such, you should use words that emphasize that.

  1. Mentored

Being a mentor is not the easiest thing in the world. Showing that you have mentorship abilities will get you to the top of the CV pile especially if the role involves managing a group of people.

  1. Mastered

Demonstrating that you can do a certain task up to the level of an expert can help you climb several steps up the recruiting ladder. Not only does it show that you believe in your abilities but it also makes employers believe that you are a true professional.

Creating a winning CV in 2015 requires paying attention to keywords and CV structure. Apart from using action verbs and positive language, you shouldn’t forget to use the right keywords in your CV as these are essential to make you stand out from the crowd!

What other keywords can you think of that could help you land your next job? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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