8 Annoying Things About Job Hunting

Let’s get this straight, no one likes to job hunt. The job hunt process is time demanding; it involves hours upon hours spent bent over a computer, tirelessly clicking your mouse from one job site to the next. There are tons of emails to be sent, resumes to be tweaked and re-tweaked, cover letters to be written to specifically suit each position; let’s face it, job hunt is no stroll in the park.

And if at the end of the day you land an interview, well there is more studying to do, suit to be worn and God forbid you say the wrong thing. I don’t think I need to remind you that seeking a job is hard work, but here are eight reasons why!

1. Writing cover letters

I clearly remember those days when you could print fifteen copies of your cover letter and distribute them to everyone? You can’t even try that now! Employers have gotten a tad more demanding and trickier. Not only do they set out unrealistic job descriptions, but they make you have to tweak your cover letter to suit each and every position you apply for. Can you just imagine!


First you have to re-write the cover letter to suit the job you are applying for, which basically implies maximizing “keywords”, so that it actually sounds like you took time to read the job description (You did read it right?). That’s not even the worse part though. Now the truly tasking bit is to find out whom to address it to, which means searching, surfing and tearing the internet, websites and even Twitter apart. After all the stress, three hours later, you hit the send button only to find that you didn’t read the fine print that said they would only accept CV submissions in pdf*, and you sent yours in doc*. Just imagine! Three hours of your life wasted.

Don’t worry, with time you’ll get good at re-writing your cover letter, or you can get a professionally written cover letter. Always read and re-read the instructions and guidelines of any job you wish to apply for.

2. Invasion of privacy

When looking for job, be very prepare to let go of any sort of privacy notions you have been holding unto as it seems employers can ask you whatever they want. Relationship status, tax receipts, driver’s license, birth date, date you graduated from university, why you graduated so late, why you left you left your last job etc. Apparently all of these questions are allowed.

So if you are a private person, you would do yourself a lot of good if you let go of your reservations, else they’ll think you have stuff to hide. Or do you?

3. Erroneous job descriptions

I get suspicious when I see some job descriptions; you know those perfect job descriptions, the ones that appear too good to be true, yes those ones. Let’s come to an agreement here; they are indeed too good to be true!

When a job description says something like: must be flexible, what they really trying to say is you must be able to work at any time of the day or night and not complain about it (they expect you to know this too). Also, when it says: managing an office, put simply, it means answering phones calls, making coffee and being the secretary who constantly gets yelled at. I really think it would be a lot more realistic and truthful if companies wrote their job descriptions in the following manner:

Job Description: There are no working hours as you’ll be at our beck and call all hours of the day and night.
Salary: Pitiful, and we don’t plan on giving you a raise like we promised to.

Always ask your employer to specifically detail your job description as this will give you a clearer understanding of what and what not you are supposed to do.

4. The salary talk

I get a bit scared when interviewers say “tell us your salary expectations”. If I was to be truthful, I would send you exactly what I wanted to make, which of course would be more than the CEO makes, so I am guessing that’s probably not going to land me the job. On the other hand if I’ve gotten to the point of crazy desperation; that point where i might do just anything legal to get a job, I might just call out a ridiculously low number down so I can get hired.

Hands exchanging money

Hands exchanging money

How on earth are you even supposed to know the right thing to say; or what they want you to say?

Next time a job interviewer asks me this question I am going to ask “what are you are offering?” From there, we can bargain and come to some sort of agreement. It is also good to do a little research on what other organizations pay for similar job positions, remember knowledge is power.

5. That ‘overqualified’ Speech

So the job posting states that a minimum of four years of experience is required and you have eight. In your mind, you’ve got the job; I mean, who could refuse someone who actually has more experience than the required number. And out of the blue, the unimaginable happens; the interviewer tells you that you indeed have the experience, just too much of it.


What? How is that even possible? Not getting hired because you don’t have enough on the job experience can be understandable but not nailing the job because you have too much is like a kick in the face. The woes of a job seeker!

You cannot reduce your job experience just to fit in. It is tantamount to appearing foolish just to suit someone’s requirement. Be you! If they think you are too experienced, move on, something better will come.

6. The Interview

Seriously I don’t think I should stress this one, because honestly who likes going to interviews? An interview forces you to fit into those too tight pants, wear a blazer in the sweltering heat and answer to people who are sometimes rude and obnoxious. The sad thing is that you have to be extremely polite to them even if you may or may not even see you again.

You dress up, you study and then they ask you nothing relevant about the job. Sound familiar? There are hundreds of thousands of ways to conduct an interview and there’s just no way to know what you are getting into until you sit down.

the key here is to Look your best, do your best, answer the questions to the best of your ability, do not be intimidated or bullied and if the job is yours, you’ll be sure to get it.

8. The Promised Call Back

“We will let you know” there is nothing more frustrating and annoying to a job hunter than those five words thrown together. Simply put, it means “We are never calling you back, you failed miserably”. Don’t take it too hard if the interviewer promised to call you back and then didn’t; even after sending them numerous emails and called them countless times.

waiting for your call

While waiting for a prospective employer to call you back, please try not check on them aggressively, keep sending out applications and hope for the best.

What these points prove is that job hunting is a tasking and frustrating, so if you already have a job just make sure you don’t lose it at least, till you get the new job. For those of you who are yet to get a job and are in the search process? Visit Ngcareers for exclusive and amazing job openings.

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