6 Reasons to Start Loving Your Job

Every day I have I hear people make statements like ‘I hate my job’,’I need a new job’ and so on. There are tons of people out there who would give an arm and a leg for a new job. Seriously, you’re not alone but although misery loves company, it also breeds contempt. So even if you absolutely loathe your job, you should never let it show while you’re on the clock. Instead of being cynical and unenthusiastic five days a week from the hours of 8 to 5, I employ you to look for reasons to enjoy your job, or at the very least appreciate it. Remember: things could be much worse.
Today, at Ngcareers we’ll show you how to view that job you hate and use that knowledge to your benefit. If you approach every day optimistically, there’s no telling how much better your life can get.

1. View it as a stepping stone

I am yet to see anyone who actually enjoyed being at the entry-level position. There’s no glamour or charm in doing grunt work. But if you do the right things, there can be prestige in it. Remember that an entry-level just what it is: a way to get your foot in the door. If you’re diligent with your work and show that you are willing to do the menial work while you learn the ropes, you might move up even quicker than you’d have imagined.

2. View it as a learning ground

I know I may sound cliché here, but always keep the following in mind: “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” Even if you’re working a job you hate, remember that each day you’ve survived is another successful day. Your boss might have assigned some monumental tasks to you and you thought to yourself “How am I ever going to get through this?” Well, yesterday came and went, and you are still standing. But on a serious note, instead of dwelling on the mountain of tasks your boss just dropped on you as some insurmountable task, have faith in yourself; trust that you can get it done, and you’ll add that task to the arsenal of experience of in your armory.

3. View it as a source of income

Oh! Did you somehow forget that you actually get paid for your labor? It’s a crazy misconception among younger generations (myself included, don’t worry I’m not an old lady) that we are entitled to enjoy every second of our lives. But as I got older (and more mature), I realized this is some 21st Century nonsense. If everyone spent 100 percent of their time seeking unadulterated pleasure, no one would spend anytime cooped up in a bank crunching numbers; or picking up someone else’s trash every day of their lives, or fixing someone’s car, or making that beautiful dress. Though it should be a goal of yours to seek more intrinsic rewards for a job well done, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that you’re getting paid for your time. Even if you spend those hours in complete misery, you can use the money you’ve earned to do whatever you want when you’re off the clock.

4. View it as a means of proving yourself

If you don’t get drowned by the mountain load of work in your current position, why then would your supervisor think you’re not able to handle even more work? But like I said, every day you make through is a testimony to the fact that you are up to the task. It shows that you are strong and that you can handle whatever life (or that annoying boss), throws at you and come out unscathed and stronger than ever before. Since you’re most likely using this position as a way to move up the professional ladder, you need to prove that you can handle yourself at lower positions before you even have a shot at being promoted.

5. View your job with love

I know this point sounds useless and a little counterintuitive given the fact that you already hate your job. But it’s possible to love what you do and still hate your position, and I think that is the actual reason why people hate their jobs. Most people don’t hate their jobs, they only hate the position they occupy at their place of work. Sorry, I digressed, that is a discussion for another day.

So where was I?

Ok, you picked a profession thinking you’d find a dream job only to be shown the in reality your dream job doesn’t met the mental picture you have of it. Maybe you thought you’d be making more of an impact on society than you actually are. It’s natural to have these ambitious thoughts and feelings when entering the workforce, but you definitely need to come back to reality and realize that NO job is all sunshine and rainbows. Remind yourself to think of the bigger picture: your efforts in the most menial of tasks serve a much larger purpose in the long run.

6. View it as a blessing

Ok, so I don’t want to get all preachy in here, but hey dear, do you have the slightest incline what it’s like to NOT have a job? Trust me, it’s not fun. When you have a job, you might wake up thinking “Ugh, I can’t believe it’s not Friday yet.” When you don’t have a job, the only thing on your mind when you wake up is: “I wish I had somewhere to be today.” At least when you’re miserable at work you can look forward to enjoying yourself when the clock strikes five o’clock.

Listen, I’m sure everyone, even the toughest of bosses, has at one point been disappointed at their job. It’s human nature to want to experience pleasure every waking moment. But it’s also unrealistic. No matter how much you hate your job, keep in mind that by giving up a few hours of your life every day, you’re keeping mankind moving in the right direction.

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