5 Office Makeup Fads You Should Ignore

As each year runs into another, we see a whole new crop of makeup trends that we most totally “rock”. While some of these new makeup ideas are ‘faaabuuulous’, others should just be ignored. And a lot more should be totally scrapped from the ‘office look’. Let’s take a look at these makeup fads you should skip when going to the office.

If you want to avoid being the ridicule of the office, read the following make up flops that you should avoid doing.

1. Applying black eye shadows


As unpopular as this may sound, black eye shadows have no place in the office environment, well unless there’s an office party underway. Smokey eyes make you sultry and seductive and I am sure, that’s not the kind of impression you want when you are trying to show how competent you are for the job. Your male boss might think you spent the most part of your previous night in a nightclub and that you are yet to recover from the exertions and if you ask me, that is not a flattering opinion for your boss to have about you. Go for a natural palette instead of layers upon layers of charcoal eye shadows will save you from a 101 million stares from colleagues, if that’s the look you are rocking today, here’s a suggestion; run to the nearest bathroom and wash it all off.

2. Fake lashes

wrong lashes

The saying, ‘fake it till you make it’ reminds me of those ladies with the mentality that wearing long eye lashes makes you the embodiment of professionalism, which in turn sets you in position to grow your career – newsflash, that is soooooooo wrong. In an informal environment, such as a cocktail party or a night of glimmer and glamour under the disco lights, wearing faux eyelashes definitely makes you stand out in the party for all the right reasons. But when you walk into the office with fan-like lashes, that’s when your troubles begin. Picture this situation; you are in an important meeting, making an important presentation and then your fake lashes start to fall off. Aaaargh!!! This is definitely a scenario you wouldn’t want to find yourself in; especially with the tens of eyes that will be awkwardly staring at you as you grapple with your glue malfunction (pun intended).

My advice to you is; give fake eyelashes a wide berth. Instead, some mascara will give you the look you are trying to pull off with the fake lashes. It might be a tad difficult to discard your love for the fake lashes but, hey, look at it from the bright side; using mascara on your natural lashes make them appear longer while they still remain natural. If want to have long natural lashes check Mink Lash Extensions.

3. Too much blush


When you want to make your cheekbones pronounced, and at the same time giving them a healthy glow, then applying blush is just exactly what the doctor ordered – well, that is if, you follow the ‘doctor’s order.’ According to fashion and makeup experts, blush should be applied evenly across the cheekbones in appropriate amounts; preferably a light dusting that complements the color of your cheeks. Therefore, it’s shouldn’t look like you have the mentality that ‘too much blush is never enough’ rather, the mentality should be ‘too much blush is simply too much’- unless you want to pull off a new look of a young girl messing around with mommy’s makeup.

4. Red-hot lips to kiss away the stress


It would be quite amazing – admittedly – if red-hot lips could kiss away the glum days that creep into our work schedules so many times. On a personal level, I would kiss away my Mondays and turn them into Fridays – I’d swap the dull, snail-pace feeling that’s associated with Mondays for the bubbly, ecstatic mood that comes with Fridays. Sadly though, research hasn’t proven that red lipstick can help kiss away the red-letter days – instead it can paint a different picture of who you’re as a professional (literally). Surely, you don’t want people at the workplace thinking that you have made a stopover to the office while on your way to a night out or a date? – that would be too much of a bold statement. If you’re working in the creative industry, then you’re off the hook as red lipstick may not be out-of-place in such an industry. For the rest of you, too bad; if you want to portray a picture of professionalism, red lipstick will have to be confined to glittery evenings at cocktail parties or nights out at the 5-star restaurants.

5. Smell good to feel good

It’s true, perfume allows us to smell good and, feel good. However, that’s no leeway to douse yourself in as much of that favorite spray – at least, spare a thought for the souls of all the people who would have to endure being suffocated by the sneeze-inducing smell of your perfume. Put yourself in their position – the excessive smell of perfume choking your lungs is enough to make you wish that these ingenious ways of making humans smell pleasant were never invented. Don’t trespass the boundary of perfume spraying when applying it to work – you don’t want your teamwork with fellow workmates taking a nosedive because your perfume makes them want to invest in gas masks or – at the worse – stay away from you. Spraying light amounts of perfume will definitely bring you back into their fold.

The office is the last place you want to summon your creativity in applying make-up. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t apply any make-up to the office. Rather, you should keep it at a level that radiates the professionalism that embodies you. In other situations, such as dinner parties or nights out at the club, Lady Gaga’s make-up tips will definitely come in handy. In the workplace environment, office makeup= stylishness + professionalism; after all, fashion fades but style remains for eternity.

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