How Buhari’s Brand New CV Got Him a Job He Couldn’t Get for 12 Years

You see there was this man called Muhammadu Buhari. We all know him. He is the President of Nigeria but he didn’t get it on a platter of gold.

He tried to get that job for 12 good years and on 3 different attempts and failed each time.

Each time he tried he failed because the perception of his brand was very bad.

His CV needed overhauling and that didn’t happen until he got into touch with a new group that wanted an alliance.

This new group had smart brand managers and knew how to package his CV to sell him for one last attempt at the job. They quickly set out on the job of rebranding Buhari’s CV.

Previously Buhari’s CV projected him as one dictator who had no respect for democracy and rule of law. This made it impossible for him to get the approval of citizens outside his core Northern geopolitical zone. They realised that his CV did not really paint him as the real person he was. For long he had been operating with a wrong and in-effective CV.

After months of work the new CV was ready and it projected Buhari as a repented dictator, elderly statesman and one who has realised and embraced democracy totally. The new CV listed his previous 3 electoral attempts as full experience in democracy.

So in essence his new CV said Buhari has 12 years experience in Democracy and in the democratic process. What a cool way to tell people that the man was now a democrat than to list his democratic experience?

Such a smart turnaround!!

And so after months of hard work and knowing this was his last chance to get the job Buhari won. He got the job he has always wanted.

Now you too can get the job of your desire. But it starts with changing and improving your CV. Let’s help you do that as we have been doing for hundreds of people like you.

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