5 Benefits of Being Emotionally Sensitive at Work

I have heard over and over from different people that emotions shouldn’t be worn on the sleeves. Although carrying emotion might not be among the best employee efficiency tips which could make you the best employee at your workspace, showing emotions from time to time at your workspace has a ton of benefits. These same people will tell you that you need to be emotionally stable; that being the least emotional is a sign of weakness, and that you should hold yourself and put your emotions together at all times. But you ignore all of their advice and throw caution to wind. So you cry while watching emotional movies. You get angry when you see a rude tweet. You are overjoyed when your significant other does something as simple as getting you chocolates. Being emotional is an integral part of your biology. It is and will always be a part of who you are and you should try never to apologize for it. For me, I have learned to accept that being a crybaby is just the way I live my life.

Despite being sensitive, the only one place that you feel reluctant about showcasing your emotional side is at work. The work front is a no-no when it comes to letting your personal baggage get the best of you and cloud your judgment. Being overly emotional at work has the possibility of jeopardizing your career. It could ruin a merger. Above all, it could also get you fired. We’ve heard of numerous cases where being an emotional mess ended badly in a work environment.

But sadly, people have never actually taken time to consider the positive outcome of being emotional at work. I bet if you know how and when to play it correctly, being a crybaby while at work could lead to some great things.

Here five benefits of being emotional at work.

1. You get your way…most times

have your way

You necessarily don’t have a lot of power but you somehow seem to get your way at work simply because you the ’emotional colleague’. No one wants to see you sad and in tears; this does not always mean that they actually care about you, it means they feel uncomfortable and awkward seeing you or anyone cry. Their fear of being in an uncomfortable situation tends to work in your favor. You get the last slice of toast every morning. You get the nicest, coziest chair for your desk. Therefore they are considerate and mindful of your emotions when speaking. Wearing your heart on your sleeve can turn you into the ‘spoiled brat’ of the office and trust me; you’ll love every minute of it. Hopefully, you’ll know how to strike a balance so as not to get fired.

2. Your opinions are respected


Everyone in the office knows that it is almost impossible to hide your feelings. Even when you try so hard to conceal your disagreement, your facial and body expressions gives away your true feelings. With that being a known fact around the office, people are often drawn to you for honest opinion. They seek out your thoughts about new products and decisions. Your opinion is held in high esteem because it is honest and not filtered. You enjoy being brutally honest and not being dissed about it. Ironically, your organization is not worried about getting negative feedback from the public when they can get the honest truth from you.

3. Nobody wants to get on your bad side


When you get angry, oh my, you do it in style. When you’re pissed, all you see is red, and you feel like punching everyone and everything in sight. When your colleagues get on your bad side, you strive to ruin their entire career. Your attitude goes from miss two-goody-shoes to the wicked step-mum in Cinderella, and you are out for blood. It’s actually quite scary the speed at which the drastic change in your attitude occurs. Trust me, no sane human would want to provoke such an attitude because they you’d pretty much do anything and everything to vent your anger. Your colleagues want to give you a piece of their mind about you being a baby and all, but they don’t want to be on your blacklist.

4. You Connect with Consumers


Because you are in tune with your emotions, you have the tendency to be very empathic. Empathy is very important when building relationships with clients, customers, and consumers. This, in turn, gives customers a chance to trust you and you may plausibly well be on your way of building a concrete customer base. That follows the easier part, which is to maintain your customer base amicably, which, if you were to check out at https://www.salesforce.com/hub/crm/benefits-of-crm/, you’d know that can be accomplished with the aid of technology. Your eyes are open to their struggles and you understand what they are going through. It is actually really remarkable to behold. It is a double-edged sword; a blessing and a curse. In regards to your career, it is a good thing. It is one other thing that makes an individual valuable to the company. Connecting with consumers is a skill you inherently have due to your emotional status – a blessing in disguise.

5. You are very detail-orientated


Emotional people are usually very detailed. Their emotional sensitivity translates into being very detail-orientated. You pick up on everything; that slight frown from a colleague that tells you something is wrong, or a haircut that is barely noticeable that tells you he or she had a big weekend. You have the knack for telling if something slightly different. Being detail-orientated is a skill every company looks for when hiring. Luckily as an emotional person, you have it. You notice things that other colleagues don’t. I bet you can feel that promotion coming thanks to your sense of detail.

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So the next time someone tells you that you need to put a lid on your emotions and not take things so seriously just know that person is simply jealous of the skills you have, all thanks to your overly emotional nature. I will not dispute the fact that being emotional has its downside but I think the merits outweigh the demerits tremendously. You have skills that make you the envy of your coworkers. You are respected for your opinion and your advice is sought after, you are empathetic and detailed. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is not something to be ashamed of; it is a thing of pride and will get you far in your career.

Can you think of any other benefits of being overly emotional at work? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Let your emotion be positive at work, it will surely help. Thanks for this wonderful info.

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