20 Signs It’s Monday

Why do we love Fridays and hate Mondays so much?
Cause on Mondays, nothing ever seems to go your way.
Take a second to look of these signs and I am sure you can relate with some of them.

You know it’s Monday when…
1. You wake up 20 minutes before you have to leave for work.

2. You can’t find your keys anywhere.
cant find my keys

3. You can’t wait to get home, and you haven’t even left for work yet.

4. You Instagram your coffee cup.

5. You want to kill everyone on your morning commute.

6. You put off real work as long as possible.

7. Your Inbox looks scary.

crazy inbox
8. You hate everyone who tries to talk to you.

9. You zone out every three and a half minutes.

10. You’re convinced every single clock in the office is broken.

11. You consider taking the rest of the day off because you feel a migraine coming on.

12. You eventually get a migraine.

13. You re-read that mail six times before you absorb any information.

14. You make up excuses to leave your desk.

15. You make nearly 15 typos in every e-mail.

16. Your computer crashes. Twice.

17. You decide to put off replying to all of those e-mails until tomorrow.

18. You realize you forgot to put on deodorant.

19. Your phone dies.

20. Your boss is cranky.
cranky boss

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