5 Hilarious Resignation Letters

So earlier in the week I published an article on When Is It The Right Time To Quit Your Job? While researching for that article I stumbled on some very hilarious resignation letters and I thought I should share them with you.

A word of caution, if you don’t want to ‘burn the bridges’, it is best not to resign in any of the listed ways below.

That said, it’s Friday and it’s a good day to let down your hair, relax and have a good laugh.

If you are one of those who hate their jobs, bosses and colleagues, this one’s for you…

Screenshot_2015-09-11-11-24-02 (2)

If all your boss ever does is call you names and give you little or no credit for work well-done, you can totally use this template


when you find out that your organization is into dubious deals…or even terrorism


When you can’t even be bothered to type or write the resignation letter on a plain sheet and you just want to ‘gerrarahere’

funny resignation pix

when you are the chief blackmailer and your mean boss has got skeletons in his wardrobe and everywhere he could possibly keep one.


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  1. I pray I will not be foolish to presumptusly write any letter of resignation.

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