Top 10 Careers That Promote Creativity

Creativity revolves around turning an original idea or concept into reality. It’s seeing the world through new eyes and in a whole new light. The way you see things and in turn show it to the world becomes a source of inspiration to many, which in turn births creativity in another mind. A creative minded individual is someone who has a high level of imagination; it doesn’t just end there, he or she births that imagination into reality.


Creativity is broken down into two processes-thinking and producing. Production is a key aspect in creativity because without this step, you’ll ONLY remain someone with a crazy imagination and that’s all you’ll ever be if you don’t birth those ideas.
Creativity comes in different shapes and forms and can be seen across a wide range of careers. Here are some careers that would help you explore the vast world of creativity.

1. Architects

Architects are exceptionally creative people. They create designs for construction projects which might range from a simple house to a complex bridge. They use their creative imagination to draw up their building designs. Although some might argue that architects use Computer-aided design (CAD) to draw now, they are still required to have an excellent imagination to succeed.


2. Graphic designers

Despite the fact that the world has gone digital, I believe there is still a place for Graphic Designers. This is another set of creative people and they are basically in charge of all forms of visual communication. Their work appeals to your sense of sight. These creative people bridge the gap between digital and print media as they work in both spheres.


3. Creative Writers

This cuts across all forms of writing, be it journalism, Poetry, Plays, Movie and television script Fiction (novels, novellas, and short stories)Songs, Speeches, Memoirs, Personal essays to name but a few. I believe that unless you have a creative spark and gift, you’ll never be able to write for a living. If you are a creative writer, there are a couple of job openings for you on the Ngcareer platform.


4. Fashion Designers

Designing dresses, shoes and all kinds of clothing and accessories for people demands a creative mind, a good eye for color and size and also, the ability to draw. If you can’t put down on paper what you visualize as a fashion designer, then I think you are not in the right department.


5. Web Designers

Web designers share some similarities with graphic designers but they still have points of disparity. Web designers focus mainly on designing websites. They have to know HTLM and CSS. They focus mainly on creating the design and layout of a website using special tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Illustrator. There are also job openings for web designers click here to check them out.


6. Chef

I am not talking about the cooks at our local cafeterias but more along the lines of Gbubemi Fregene. Cooking up interesting and inventive dishes is just as creative as being a graphic designer or writer. You can be an artist, but instead of paint, you use food.Take that bold step and follow that creative dream of yours to becoming a chef today.


7. Teacher

A good teacher is a creative teacher because the more creative a teacher is the more interesting and engaging the class is and the more likely, the students will learn. It doesn’t matter if you are a university lecturer or a primary school teacher all that matters is the inventive way you pass knowledge across. There are numerous job openings for teaching postion across the nation.


8. Software engineers

This set of people hasn’t always been seen as particularly creative individual. However, people are beginning to that the technical nature of their jobs is extremely creative. Chefs may be artists with food, but software engineers are artists with codes.


9. Photographer

It’s not just about picking up a camera and capturing a bunch of sceneries and subjects, no, it goes way beyond that. Photographers use both their technical and artistic skills to take still photographs. Some photographers specialize in food photography, while others take portraits and wedding photographs. No matter which area you work within, you will need to have high levels of creativity. You need to manipulate variables to create the perfect shot.


10. Interior Designer

If you love design and decorating, then this highly creative job might just be the perfect one for you. There are limitless possibilities in terms of your work environment; homes, offices, restaurants, shops, hotels, and more. Basically, your work involves decorating various spaces, producing a beautiful, comfortable and polished outcome. Your creative side will be released from the very beginning as you sketch your ideas. You will then need to decide on colour schemes, furniture, and all the details that go along with the vision you and your client have discussed.


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