How To Get Over Your Office Crush

I must confess. I have the habit of collecting imaginary boyfriends everywhere I go. For starters, there was the one from psychology class in Uni. I have about two in church and of course the three I met during NYSC.

The funniest thing is that I never get past the point of staring at these magnificently built men to actually getting their names or having an actual conversation with them. But let’s be realistic, imaginary boyfriends are just perfect because they can never let you down and oh my God, they are so perfect.

There’s a point though when crushing crosses the line. That imaginary line is crossed when you start to consider one of your colleagues as your potential ‘boy tool’. I mean, crushing on a colleague is not a crime but it can definitely lead to a lot of distraction at work. You might actually start to go a little bonkers trying to decide if you should approach your crush or not. You obviously have gotten to know them and think that some of their characters are cute. You spend the better part of your day in close proximity with them, so I can totally understand how hard it is to resist the urge but please, you should.

Here are a couple funny tips that can keep you from obsessing over your office crush and invariably get over them.

1. Don’t look into those piercing eye:

dont loook into his eeyes

Avoid making eye contact with your crush. That’s how he gets you. If you stare into his eyes for too long, you may not be able to look away and he’ll know he has got you under his spell. If he does not share or reciprocate those feelings, he might use them to his advantage which goes without saying to your disadvantage.

2. Start liking someone else.


Get a new crush. You have to always remember that crushes are nothing but temporary moments of ‘mad’ infatuation. Just find someone else attractive and desirable and you’ll completely overcome your earlier crush. But please this time look for someone out of the office. You should not ‘fall from the frying pan into the fire.’

3. Talk about your crush with your friends.

talk to ur friends

Sometimes, it is easier to get over an addiction by talking about it. Don’t bottle your feelings up and expect them to go away. Sometimes, they’ll just secretly grow inside of you. Instead, talk about it like it’s a funny and trivial affair so you start to treat it like it’s nothing more than a little crush.

4. Let the music guide you.


Music has tremendous power, so maximize it. Create a playlist to help you focus on your task during work hours. Don’t listen to songs like ‘I can’t get you out of my mind’ and all. No dear, I strongly suggest anything that does not include being stuck on love. I suggest Tailor Swift

5. Look for a flaw.


No man is perfect, so is your office crush. He might be everybody’s favorite but I am sure he has one dirty little habit like picking his nose or scratching his butt or anything that ranges from slightly irritating to disgusting. Make sure you find his flaw completely repulsive to the extent that you can’t stand to be around him anymore.

6. Think of dead rats.


Every time you start obsessing about him, think of dead rats, yes, I said it, dead rats! Think about the disgusting look and the even more disgusting smell. It’ll help you take your mind off him and after a while, you’ll actually begin to associate him with a dead rat and surprise, you are free. Well, except you have a fetish for dead rats.

7. Do your job


I bet you want to be amazing at job right? You want to be a high flier? You want to move up the corporate ladder? You want that fat raise?
Your answer is a big yes to all the questions right?
Then do your job!
Fantasizing about Mr. hot was not part of your job description or was it?


How do you handle work crushes? Do you have any creative and funny way of keeping your mind and your hands to yourself? Share with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Emeka Muoka says:

    Stella, could you please send me email on [email protected] or drop your email here for me?
    Nice piece, however.

  2. candyfloss says:

    I ultimately like to get to an environment and pick out the hottest or cutest or smartest dude to crush on its been a part of me since forever and yes once they realize am crushing on them the fun is gone for me, so I move on to the next and yes I have had an office crush once or twice and I simply forgot about them, and one time I was found out and I hate it when crushes actually try to date me I think its pathetic (lol) I mean like dude let me crush in peace na haba! so what am saying is all you need to do is see your crush as a fantasy as someone you like better from a distance someone you can live without and it would be really easy to move on to the next or just simply forget them. that’s my one kobo advice lol.. lovely write up btw

  3. Eloise says:

    This is so funny because I was just staring at mine at the cafeteria. Mine is so bad that I’ve stalked him on social media already and he doesn’t even know me haha haha :'(

  4. Amy Anthony says:

    I think what works best is looking for flaws. Then you’d be like, “what was I thinking in the first place! yuk!!”

  5. Ify says:

    What if my crush is on the main boss? Are these not just rules made by someone? What if the relationship will energize and motivate both parties at work? Just thinking

  6. The easiest way to forget crush is to replace them.

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