Which Are You; A Leader Or A Follower?

Leadership is an art!

The connection between leadership and art has been made too many times to count. Now this is not a ‘feel good’ write-up, it’s more like an expose, to show you who you really are; a leader or a follower. Now I don’t mean to belittle the position of a follower, I mean without followers, the position of the leader would be pointless right? They need each other to survive.

Leadership is the art of persuasion the ability to motivate people to do more than what they ever thought possible all in the pursuit of happiness.

Do not delude yourself into thinking that you are a leader simply because you have a title, or you occupy top management position. You are not a leader simply because you have a bunch of people reporting to you. You are not also a leader because you have attained a certain grade level in the civil service. True leadership is about influence and not positional power.

Leadership like I said is an art not a metaphor of an art.

According to John Quincy Adams, If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader but if not-you are simply a follower.

You really don’t need a bunch of people reporting to you to validate your leadership abilities. I mean, a cleaner might have the ability to influence more people than a CEO. Likewise, anyone can be a follower even while holding a leadership position.

You are a follower if you have become a slave to status quo, lack vision and don’t motivate anyone to be better. A manager or team leader who creates unnecessary bureaucracy, locks himself up in his office, screams at his subordinates is by no means a leader.
Now the real question is who are you?

I cannot tell you who you are; no I don’t posses that ability. The only person who has the power to do that is YOU. But to find out, you need to pause, and ask yourself these questions and please, answer them as truthfully as possible.

Please note that the questions are not inexhaustible but they’ll surely help you know where you belong.

1. Do you go above and beyond?

Followers are good at doing their jobs and that’s as far as it goes. Nothing more, nothing less. Irrespective of how good they are at their jobs, it hardly ever occurs to them to go beyond their specified job description. On the other hand, leaders go the extra mile. They see their job description as the foundation on which they can build anything they want. Leaders see roles as a means of bettering those around them.

2. Are you confident?

Followers see talents and exceptional behavior of their colleagues as threats while leaders see them as assets. Leaders always want to make things better and they welcome anyone who can bring that dream to fulfillment. They are never afraid to admit that they need other people who are strong where they are weak. And that, to me is confidence.

3. Pessimist or Optimist?

Followers always see one road block or another. They see limitations in any given situation. They are the exact opposite of leaders who see possibilities and when things go wrong indeed, they don’t dwell on the negative; they learn the lesson inherent and move on.

4. Are you open to change?

Followers are more than content sticking with the status quo. Change is scary to them but the leader is not so. They love change, they crave it and they live for it.

5. Are you indecisive?

Followers are most often times than not, hesitant to act or take the first step, maybe out of fear of failure or something. Leaders are not scared to take the proverbial bull by the horn even when they are not sure of the outcome of their decision. Leaders would rather take a step and be wrong than suffer from the gripping paralysis of indecision.


Now you know!

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  1. ola@last says:

    I have vision, and foresight and I still pray for God the more. Thanks for the words of challenge.

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