5 Steps To Effective Self Motivation

The need for motivation cannot be over-emphasized. It s a big part of our daily lives, both at the home front and at work. It cuts across all spheres of life whether we want to eat healthier or develop our mental ability, we won’t do it unless we are motivated.
This is not to discredit the days when we are so exhausted that we don’t feel like doing anything, there will always be days like that but all your days should not be like that. There are ways to beef up motivation for our jobs. Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to reclaim your zeal to be productive.

1. Start with the most pressing task

Humans don’t have an endless supply of willpower on a daily basis. We only have just enough to get by, so don’t you think it would be more profitable to use this limited amount of willpower at our disposal to achieve the most important and pressing task on ground?

You’ll need to find your rhythm; that time of the day you feel the most motivated to achieve something. Is it when you first arrive at work with fresh ideas running through your head or near the end of the work day when you get that adrenalin push that helps you reach your target? Figure out the time that works best for you and do your most important tasks then. That way, you won’t spend the entire day wondering why you are not motivated enough to be productive.

2. Always remember the reason you accepted the job

It is very easy to be weighed down by the mindless and draining rather than the interesting aspect of your job. Here’s how I survive; whenever I feel overwhelmed and about to throw in the towel, I just remember the reason I applied for my current job, the reason I went for the interview, and the reason I accepted the offer and I get motivated. It is almost impossible to feel motivated without passion or a driving force. So find that reason and keep it close, it will help motivate you.

3. Remain positive

Having an optimistic attitude has been proven to help when dealing with challenging and draining circumstances, so I think it will also do some good at the work place. Our perception about a particular thing or situation often goes a long way in determining the result we get when dealing with it. If for instance, we think we can do something, then we can but if not, then the reverse is the case.

4. Reward yourself

Rewards work wonders for children, so I don’t think there’s any reason why it won’t work for you. Promise yourself a treat on the completion of a task and don’t fail to fulfill. The reward will motivate you and make you feel you are working for something. Remember, it is mental!

5. Get social

‘A tree doesn’t make a forest’ and ‘no man is an island’. These sayings have been proven over and over agin. Always remember that you need people to succeed. Sometimes you can get motivated by the people around you. Their passion, their drive, their woes, their joys and their story might just give you the desired kick in the butt. Take time out to know your colleagues. Don’t just dash out of the office the moment the clock hits 5pm. Hang out, have fun and get motivated.

As humans, we struggle with motivation from time to time, but please, never allow it to become the norm. Strive to be motivated and the sky will indeed be your starting point

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