How To Overcome Monday Blues

Thank God it’s Monday!

Wait up! Before you crucify me, let me tell you that I am on your side. I know that there are not two words that make us groan more than “Monday morning”. Right?

You work hard all week long, pushing yourself to be the best at your job, and when the weekend comes you are both happy and relieved that you can get a much-needed break. However, by the time Monday comes around, the party and rest is over and it’s time to get back to work.

Sometimes the coming of Monday is welcome, especially if you are one of the few who are in love with their jobs, but most of the time, for most of us, it takes the entire day to catch up on emails and start feeling more normal and ready for the rest of the work week.


There’s no need to be so grumpy and gloomy on a Monday morning, most successful people would tell you that you have to set the tone of your week on Monday. So instead of making your week bad and unproductive, I think it’s best to find ways to make your Mondays awesome.
Take a look at this how-to guide and get into the groove on Mondays so there’s a seamless transition between the weekend and the new week, and you’ll never curse Mondays ever again.

Organization is key

You need to be organized to survive the stress that comes from our personal lives and our jobs. It is best to have a likely system worked out. Plan what to wear on Sunday, when to send that mail or even when to make that call to your loved ones, so that you don’t drown yourself with unscheduled plans. Monday is not the day to let organization fly out the window. It’s the time to get even more organized.

This applies to your desk space, computer, emails, and food. As soon as you get into the office on Monday morning, clean up your desk. Throw anything out that you were (let’s be honest) too lazy to get rid of on Friday at 5 p.m. Organize files, papers and projects into piles and folders. Then move onto your computer’s desktop. Are there too many files (like mine), so many that you can barely see where anything is? Since we spend so much of our time at work staring at the computer screen, it’s really important that it’s not crowded with files.

Prepare Yourself for a Crisis

You only get drained and overwhelmed when we think everything is going to fall in its place and go smoothly or delude ourselves into thinking that the problems come out of nowhere. Since Mondays are the beginning of the week and we might be feeling tired from all the fun and excitement we had over the weekend, and we tend not feel quite as motivated as we normally do, so the moment something goes wrong we react to it much more strongly than we should.

Don’t let that happen. Come into the office with the mindset or mentality that something is definitely going to go wrong today. It could be a mistake that you make in an email or something that someone else does that makes your job difficult. If nothing happens, then you can be relieved and glad, and at least you were prepared. But if something does happen, and it most likely will, then you can approach it in a calm manner since you were expecting it. This is not being pessimistic but having a contingency plan.

Get Optimistic

Maximizing your Mondays is basically about changing how you think about something. So instead of whining about a new week and how you’ll miss the weekend fun, decide to be in a good mood. Research has shown that if you do this, the choices that you make can actually improve. And who doesn’t want to make smarter choices, especially on a Monday? Do whatever you can in order to cheer yourself up.

Do not procrastinate.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all guilty of procrastinating sometimes. And it can even be a motivating factor. After all, hasn’t everyone done an amazing job when a deadline is fast approaching, thanks to the adrenaline rush? But Monday is not the best day to procrastinate.
The earlier you finish your difficult task, the better for you. If you continue to procrastinate, you could continue to do so for the rest of the week, and then suddenly it’s next Monday and you’re still facing the same exact problem.

Talk to Your Boss

Do you have a grand plan or proposed idea for a project and have you wanted talk to your manager about it? Do you want to ask a question, or mention something important to them? Monday is the best day to do so. It will have two awesome results: it will motivate you, since you can’t look like a lazy worker in front of your boss, and it will impress them since so many of us just breeze through Mondays and think Tuesday is really the start of the week.

Sunday motivational boost

It is almost impossible to get motivated on Monday. I mean, between traffic jams and your boss giving you the eye for delaying that report or article. So why not get inspired on Sunday instead? You can still enjoy your day off but do something that allows you to think about work in a calm, relaxed setting without disturbing and stressing you out. This is a great opportunity to go over something in your mind while still chilling out, or remember why you love your job and why your career is so meaningful to you.
You can also jot down some ideas if you’re feeling particularly inspired and you will be so glad you did when it’s Monday afternoon at 3 p.m. and your energy starts to disappear. It’s always good to think ahead.

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