5 Ways to Impress Your Boss

Apart from being a hard working staff with the right technical skills, who always achieves all your set out work goals, I believe there are other ways to impress your boss, and I am not talking about paying lip service, washing his car or shining his shoes.

It does not matter if you are an employee who does menial work or one that manages a team of 20 professionals, there are certain values that are universally accepted and appreciated by bosses irrespective of the job and market.

For you to be a very successful and impressive employee there are a few timeless qualities that you should indoctrinate in your working attitude. Here are 5 ‘legit’ ways you can impress your boss, regardless of whether you are a new employee, an established one or a team leader.


When you start up at a new organization, chances are that your boss or team leader will only ‘teach’ you the fundamentals of what you need to know in order to do your job properly. The truth is that, there are a thousand and one things outside your job scope that you will need to learn in order to familiarize yourself and become better acquainted with the organization.

Also, you should know that there are some things that can’t be taught or put in a handbook, such as unofficial or unwritten shortcuts to doing certain things, which your boss and/or colleagues might know of when it comes to dealing with some things or people.

For one reason or another, your boss would prefer you find out these shortcuts for yourself through the course of your work or interactions with colleagues and clients or better still, create shortcuts that work for you.

Learn the hard way or Just Listen
Experience they say is the best teacher, so in some cases, there are some lessons that you can only learn through experience; there’s no way to go about it but to dig in and learn things the hard way. Hence, the need to be proactive and always open to new experiences, come on, don’t be stuck up in your old ways but be always willing to try out new things, and listen to the advice from people who have been there, done that.

Your initiative is essential to your personal career growth. If you don’t have the initiative, you’ll never ‘get it’ no matter who tries to teach you.


After a couple of weeks on the job or in that new department, you’ll begin to discover that there are certain existing loopholes or prevailing problems that have been unnoticed or left unsolved. This can well be your opportunity to shine.

Critically look at such problems and raise them with your boss. As we all know, discovering the problem is never enough; you need to come up with a possible solution. Even if you yet to have a full appreciation of the scenario, the fact that you’ve showed the initiative to think through them will probably impress on him or her.

Suggest but Don’t Force
However, do not make the mistake of shoving your solution down the throats of your bosses or co-workers. Bear in mind that some problems exist because of unclear reasons that you should probably figure out before you make any rash changes to the custom of the office. This is particularly true when you play a decision-making role.


Nobody is above mistakes, so don’t kill yourself- that’s how we learn. Any respectable boss will recognize this as a way of life, and will value your honesty and integrity over your ability to fess up and admit that you messed up. Everyone make mistakes but not everyone can gracefully admit that they did.
Your boss might actually be happier knowing that he has an employee who takes blame for their actions.

Be careful and think fast
That said; please take note that not all bosses tolerate mistakes. Thus, it will be expected of you to come up with a solution especially if the problem you have created has grim consequences.


Create a good reputation for yourself in the organization by keeping to your promises. This is important if you want people to take you seriously. Being able to deliver is a mark of reliability and every employee wants to be regarded in that light. Your boss will entrust you with greater responsibilities as you prove that you can walk the talk.

Watch what is on your Plate
There will be times when you’ll find it hard to fulfill your promises for various reasons. So be careful before making promises. Consider other projects and assignments you have on your plate before taking on new ones. It’s not that straightforward all the time, so you will definitely have to weigh your options and prioritize. The bottom-line is, don’t promise what you probably can’t deliver!


When you notice that your colleagues are overwhelmed, offer to help. This will not only earn you the respect from your boss, but also from your teammates. If you prefer this approach, there are a few things you should be wary of.

Firstly, make sure that you can cope with your own workload first before offering to help. Secondly, suffice to say that you should assume a secondary role especially when decisions are to be made. Never assume responsibility for another person’s job.

Don’t be a pushover
Always bear in mind that when you offer your help too often, your colleagues might take this for granted and get used to passing their work to you. Know when to draw the line to make sure that you only help them when they are drowning in their work, not when they still have time to chat.

How your team acts will have an impact on the entire team your boss is leading: the organization. If you are looking to impress your boss, then make sure you put on your best behavior for your people to follow.

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