5 Ways To Cultivate A Friendly Environment At Work

It does not matter if you hire mainly freelance help or manage a large office staff, let’s face it you’ll still have to deal and work with people. Your company/business will run better if you learn to cultivate positive relationships with your colleagues, co-workers or employees.
Here are six tips that are sure to help you develop great relationships at work.

1. Develop a positive attitude.

When you run your own business, your employees will look to you to set the tone for the business and the office environment. A positive attitude cannot be emphasized. It is important to an enjoyable, more comfortable workplace. Your customers will also be influenced by either the positive or negative vibe of your business; this will in turn translate into their willingness to do business with you. Customers have this sixth sense, they know when everything is clicking, and they can also tell when things are amiss.


2. Treat everyone with utmost respect.

Sadly, there is this misconception that has been going on for ages-employers are superior to employees. You’d see business owners talk down on staff or treat them like underdogs. Everyone you work with, from members of your board to your cleaners, deserves respect. Even when you differ on opinions, do not berate the person. Look at each and every person as a vital member of the team. Respect that they differ in opinions and see the world differently. This respect will go a long way in developing the trust and teamwork that will take your business to the top.


3. Practice active listening.

Listening is now a forgotten art. We are too busy making sure people hear our ‘intelligent’ thoughts that we forget to listen. Effective communication actually begins with active listening. Encourage your co-workers and employees to share their thoughts and be open to hearing them all the way through without interrupting or interjecting your own opinions. The best environment for creativity is one where everyone feels they have a voice and that their opinion counts.


4. Develop relationships outside of work.

Go out of your way to learn about their families and their goals. When you show a genuine interest in others, you foster a happier workplace. Go to lunch with your co-workers or plan an off-site event like ‘a day at the beach, a work-out session or the movies’.
Get to know each other outside of the office. You’ll be amazed to learn more about what makes them tick and you’ll strengthen the bonds when you discover you have shared interests.


5. Say thank you.

There are a million and one ways to all sorts of showing appreciation praise, recognition, money, prizes, gift cards, celebratory meals, trophies and certificates of achievement, the list is endless. Always be liberal with positive feedback and show gratitude when employees go above and beyond their normal duties and responsibilities.


Everyone likes to feel valued and appreciated for the effort they put into work. An attitude of gratitude always does a lot of good. Offer respect, sympathy, honesty, care and trust and you will be sure to reap the returns.

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