Fresh Graduate? 4 Things You Should do to Get a Job Fast

You are fresh graduate, who just graduated, whats the next thing? JOB!!. You are brimming with all confidence of landing a great job in just few months. You quickly prepare a CV and start throwing applications here and there hoping that one will stick. Alas, months, years later you are still in the same process of applying without success. Then you feel like giving up – ”I have been searching related job sites, networking with people in the same field and I am not sure I will get a job I am passionate about or I can learn from“.

Do you even realize that you are better than many others? At least you are reading this, they are not! As a fresh graduate you are faced with many challenges in landing a good job; prominent among them is lack of experience, but there are many things you neglect that is denying you the opportunity to land a good job.

If you are a new graduate trying to a land job, the key to your successful job search is your ability to stand out and differentiate yourself from the pack.

  • You should identify what sets you apart from other candidates; specifically, you should be able to speak about your successes and unique experiences.
  • You should keep yourself open but not desperate.
  • You should open yourself to different fields that are of interest to you. Not narrowing yourself down to just a field. This does not mean desperation.
  • You need to be able to sieve what you want from the lot.

Below are few important tips:

Employers are looking for more than grades now. They want to see outside activities where you showed leadership and management skills.
Employers are looking for people that are flexible and get the ground running not people that need time to adapt to an office setting from the academic environment.

Go get some experience
There are lots of volunteer work you can do while searching for job. This adds to your experience. Check out NGOs and community service organizations in your locality, offer to do some volunteer work with them.

Making constructive contact
Connections are very important especially when the competition is very keen. New graduates should network with family and alumni who work in their desired professions or who have high ranking positions in companies. Think broadly about expanding relationships and networks. Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to network.

Online Network
Online networking can be an effective tool in job search. By using facebook and Twitter efficiently and professionally, you can exponentially expand your list of contacts, communicate effectively and maintain relationships. Read discussions and post your own helpful, insightful comments. This will enhance your relationship with others. You can also use forums to your advantage. Post a status update that you are interested in a particular firm and ask if anyone can share any insight or knows someone there. Leverage any and all connections you to help put your resume to the top of the pile and gather information on the firm.

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  1. Sandra chuku N says:

    Pls i need a job,i nw true dis site i can get one,am a young graduate just last year i graduated thanks

  2. lola says:

    This is an eye opener for me. Thanks guys.

  3. owoyemi mariam oluwatoyin says:

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  4. Abdulwahab Hafsat .M. says:

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  5. tony olisenekwu says:

    sir/ma I honestly appreciate this enlightenment. I will like u 2 visit my foundation in school

  6. samuel says:

    Im a graduate of Environmental Engr. And i also know how to build houses (brickslayer) i can even ped a building should i add this to my CV?

    • ngcareers says:

      Depends on the the type of job you are applying for. If the position requires experience in building, it will make a good point if you add it.

      • ateeq ur rehman says:

        I have 10 years experience in Buildind,roads.Tunnel,Bridges,infrastructure and under ground utilities,seweragenetwork,storm water network,Tellicommunication,District cooling and high voltage cable network.I am looking for job

  7. Santus says:

    Tnx 4 encouragin us..

  8. kenny says:

    Fanx soh much for dis Info!it has jst changd moi orientation.Will make Use of yr advice.Thankz soh much

  9. Abuja-jobs says:

    Nice Informative piece but may I add that one also needs a bit of luck sometimes because no fail proof formula for landing a job has been discovered. Thanks for sharing the post

  10. kolajo says:

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  11. kolajo says:

    Very informative piece. I have learnt something crucial.

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  14. ijeoma says:

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  15. Obilor francis says:

    I studied business adiministration and waiting to serve by november but i still need job.

  16. Patrick Ayi says:

    Is there no other way to curb this unemployment stuff like organising symposiums on enterpre

  17. Tony says:

    I made a mistake in my first job test, cos I didn’t do my home work very well. And also my networking was bad. I want to thank u for this wonderful eye opener.

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