Five Things Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Do

How many times have you heard tales like these?
A woman loved baking so she quit her job at the bank to open her own cake shop.
The man was so passionate about writing that he shelved his law degree to become an author.
Then you wait for the happy ending, which most times, you don’t get to hear because, there was never a happy ending.

Becoming a well-to-do entrepreneur transcends what the average man thinks. These days it is easy to find a ‘wannabe’ entrepreneur on every street who believes that as long as you have a passion, a laptop, a blog and some money in the account, you are good to go. I don’t mean to be cynical but you need a whole lot more than that to be a successful owner of a successful business.

In as much as there is no clear-cut picture or description of what a true entrepreneur should look or behave like, I believe there are some traits that successful entrepreneurs seem to have in common. What make them unique is what they do and, perhaps even more importantly, what they don’t do.

There is no thought of balancing their work-social life

Successful entrepreneurs are mostly workaholics. The most significant thing in their life is their work. These days we have people fleeing the corporate world — the world of 8-5, with the misconception that as an entrepreneur, they’ll have time to focus on their social life; they are inclined to equate a passion-based business with freedom. They want the freedom associated with being their own boss, the liberty to be in charge of their own time and the choice to do whatever it is they love and enjoy doing. They want it easier and flexible, they want time to relax and catch up with friends and family. So they opt for starting their own thing.
Being successful as an entrepreneur is hard work. You must live for your passion and give it everything you’ve got. Entrepreneurs are not the average fun-loving people who live for the weekend. They live to do what they love-and that’s work.

They are not their own boss

Do not delude yourself! Being your own boss is a myth-your bosses are your clients. Fail to do a good job for them, fail to deliver results that fit their specification, fail to give good service; they’ll fire you by taking their money and business elsewhere.
I think a lot of people get caught up in the enthusiasm of passion that they forget that passion is never and will not be enough to pay the bills.
So please don’t delude yourself into thinking the best way to deal with your horrible boss is by running off to live your dreams-you are only switching one boss for another.

They don’t do it for the money

If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, you need to take a good look at yourself before quitting that regular paycheck. On no account must you assume you will be happier and make more money starting the business of your dreams. Real entrepreneurs don’t follow their dreams for the money. No, they don’t whine about how hard they work for peanuts. They just do it. And because they’re passionate and focused, the money eventually comes, big-time.

They don’t have day jobs

Great entrepreneurs don’t work the 8-5 schedule, they don’t close shop for the day-they work round the clock too. Due to media hype and publicity over successful entrepreneurs, we often miss out on the insane amount of work these people put into their business that got them the much celebrated success. Entrepreneurial success doesn’t come overnight, no matter how glorified and immediate we make it out to be in popular culture and press. Behind the curtain of glitz and glam is constant, dedicated, and strategic work over years. Entrepreneurship reminds me of an iceberg: you get to see what’s above the water and that’s only 10%.

They don’t give in to fear

An entrepreneur knows that there is always an element of risk in everything, whether it involves something as crazy as jumping out of a moving car or simply starting a new business.
One exceptional thing about successful entrepreneurs is that they don’t pay attention to those voices in their heads – you know the ones that haunt you with mental pictures of everything that can go wrong. Mind you, they’re not fearless, I don’t think anybody is. They just don’t allow their fears stop them from taking risks.

Entrepreneurs are people with passion yet are not blinded by the illusion that their love for that passion will be enough to make them successful. They are aware that until you are able to persuade people to share your passion and pay money good money for it-it will never be a huge success. They are hard-working risk takers who are willing to sacrifice their all for their passion.
What are some other things that set entrepreneurs apart? Name as many as you can in the comments below.

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