6 Things We Hated (and Hope You Did) about NYSC

National Youth Service was that time most peeps I knew in school looked up to.

So off we went to serve the fatherland and it was just as myself and my friends thought – a complete waste of time.

If you didn’t like the idea of going on youth service it could be for some reasons but here are the things we hated most about the NYSC

1. Too Much Paperwork

filling nysc forms

From the moment we stepped into camp we were filling all sorts of forms and submitting till we left. Then you continue at your PPA. That was the worst form of paper pushing I have ever seen (well apart from the undergraduate days; that one was crazy and cannot be compared to any other)

2. You Must Teach Except You are a Medical Doctor

Imagine asking an Engineer graduate with zero patience to go teach a bunch of students who were taught by their teacher in the local Yoruba language. How the hell does one do that?

3. The Camp Infrastructure and Health Risks

Ah the state of the camps? From the looks of our camp I bet it was still built relatively newly then but the plumbing, toilets etc were in shambles.

How we survived 3 weeks of ‘shot-putting’ was divine. Bathing nko? You either do that under the cover of the night (before 4.30 am) or just wash your face, hands and legs.

4. The Queues

Oh the lines! For everything you practically had to queue under the blazing sun. To sign your monthly clearance you had to do a day worth of para-military standing and shoving. CDS? You had to queue!

During camp? Your life is practically taken over by queueing – in food lines, to take your bicycle allowance, to write attendance, hell to even shit you had to queue!

5. The food

Hey! The only thing I ever managed to collect during the 3 weeks camp was the occasional tea, bread and egg for breakfast. I went mostly for the egg. So each morning I waited for the rushers to go and then confirm from them on their way back if egg was on the menu.

‘Egg dey today?’

If the answer was no I skipped the ritual for that day. Lunch and Dinner? I never went near the camp food for those two.

Maami market was my one and only saviour!

How was NYSC and camp life for you?

6. The Lectures

Those NYSC lectures in camp about va beach strippers were the definition of boredom. We were packed in the next door Sagamu Stadium and forced to literally listen to hours of the worst lectures we have ever had in our lives.

And dodging the lectures were almost impossible as those soldiers lurked everywhere in camp looking for people who would rather hide somewhere than be subjected to the punishment of 3 hours or more of drab lectures.


  1. Zinny says:

    True story… but I think in the end, camp experience is the best during service year.

  2. KGD MEDIA says:

    NYSC is a complete prison yard, it is just a waste of One Full Year, just waiting one certificate. which probably one can use to go very far in one’s career. its not funny at all.

  3. wolverine says:

    My brother you have said it all, if they can’t improve on the standards of NYSC (not just the so called “allowi”) it should be scrapped of the menu.

  4. REALIST says:

    Obviously those complaining about the NYSC did not go through the orientation and values of the service. All these experiences listed either good, bad or ugly form the fundamental essence of servicing a great, diverse and dynamic nation like Nigeria.
    God bless Nigeria!

  5. Adeosun seun says:

    NYSC is good, exposing someone to what is called LIFE. very interesting!

  6. For me I enjoyed my NYSC service year oh, infact it was a time of God’s abundant great visitation. GBAM.

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