How to Achieve More in the Work Place

In this competitive and demanding world, being able to do your job is more than enough stress but it is no longer enough. Competence is simply expected in the work place these days. Here’s the catch: competence is no longer enough either, Super competence is the new normal.

To be super competent, you need to adopt certain character traits. And today, I will share with you these tried and tested traits and I hope they’ll be of help to you.

A great sense of direction is a must have in other to be super competent. I’ll use my friend Jean as an example. She is the most competent young woman I have ever had the opportunity of meeting, but this title only comes because she has an acute sense of direction. She once told me that being busy and being productive are two very different things. From that day on, I worked with the understanding that you can be busy all day long, running from pillar to post and not accomplish anything. Yet you can achieve a lot more when you actually use your head. Super competent people are not bound by tradition or old ways of doing things. They see things from a different perspective all the time. How do they achieve this feat you’d ask right? They read, they learn and they think. Here are some tips to make you have a clearer sense of direction

1. Know exactly why you work so hard and what you hope to achieve: truth is you cannot be very productive if you do not know what you are working for. So sit down and plan out your goals and dreams and work towards them. You’ll find out that working with a written down plan is much more simpler and permit me to use the word ‘realer’ than just working with a non- tangible idea floating somewhere in your brain.

2. Know what do to at every given time: According to Jean, there’s nothing hard in taking the initiative. Do what needs to be done at the right time. Don’t just work on projects in the order in which they come across your desk, learn to structure your time and prioritize. You’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve in little time when you work smart.

3. Create a system to help you perform tasks more efficiently: too often we are carried away and we tend to believe that the harder we work, the more we can achieve. Let me burst your bubble; it’s not about how hard but about how efficient we are. So look for a way that saves time and cuts off unnecessary stress.

4. Regular rest: newsflash! You are not a robot but a human being! So please take a break as long as you don’t become one a lazy bum. Taking a break is one of the healthiest and most productive things you can do in a work day.

5. Tackle the most profitable and important tasks first: instead of taking care of minor issues first, delegate them then, approach the most important tasks first. When you are done with them, you can now handle the rest. Make a habit of listing out three tasks you want to complete before the end of the day. This will help to keep things in perspective.

Effectiveness and productivity, in the simplest form is all about reaching high-value goals in every sphere of your life often in the shortest amount of time. Fact is, nobody cares how many things you have, nobody cares how many awards you get, all people care about is the results, so strive to get more value out of everyday.

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