10 Things Recruiters and Employers Don’t Want to See in Your CV

This is concise list of 10 things employers do not want to see in your CV. Lots of jobseekers still go ahead to make their CVs uninteresting and unreadable. Go through the list below to learn what to avoid including in your CV.

1. Boring long list of duties and responsibilities

2. They Don’t Want to See Your Official Email Address at Your Current Workplace

3. A Jumbled, Hard to Read Layout

4. Your Photo

5. Your Life Story

6. Fancy Letterings and Slangs

7. Nonsensical, Bogus Claims

8. Umbrella Resume

9. Unexplained Gaps in Your Resume

10. Irrelevant Person Details


  1. udeme INYANG says:

    I stumbled on the “10 things recruiters and employers don’t want to see in your cv” and found it very useful.

    Please i need help, my passport(picture) use to accompany my mail and appears at the recipient’s end. Having use the passport some years ago as an attachment, i discovered that the system/network automatically uploaded it recently onto my mail account, and worst still i can no longer get the said passport that i might retrieve it from my “Attached Files/Documents” or “Photos” menu. My writing Yahoo for help to undo the auto upload yielded no response. Please help.


  2. Obot udim says:

    Real fact and outstanding,

    Behold the 10 things. Waooo

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