Do These to Boost Your Confidence in the 15 Minutes Before an Interview

Interviews are like examinations.

We’ve all been there before. We know that the few minutes before the interview starts can be one of the most mentally and emotionally gruelling moments we would ever encounter. Examinations are even better in some respects. At least, you have an idea of what you’ll write and you won’t be facing anybody to talk. But here, you’re relying basically on guts feeling.

I have seen able bodied candidates going jellylike just before they are ushered into the interview room. I had literally melted, myself, on several occasions. The sweaty palms and the heartbeats that threaten to rip your chest apart are signs of a diminished confidence.

This poses a grave danger to your performance at the interview. It presents you as a caged, bottled and suffocating candidate begging for the mercy of the interviewer. Once your confidence has taken such a big bashing, marketing yourself to the interviewer becomes an almost lost battle.

Here’s the good news!

You can actually avoid going into an interview in the worst version of yourself. You can build the needed confidence within the last 15 minutes before the interview starts by doing these 7 simple things. Try them. They work like magic.

Bring Back the Winning Memories

Can you recollect those times you did things that made you feel capable and respected? It could be as simple as giving some constructive advice to someone who came back to tell you how helpful the advice was or it could be as grand as when you successfully lead a team on a project. At that time, you felt on top of your world – reliable, resourceful and effective.

Bring back the memories. They prime you for the interview ahead. They puff up your confidence.
Add to this the memories of good times you had with friends or family members. It’s psychological. You’ll be surprised at the result.

Keep Stress Hormones at Bay

I know that this may be easier said than done but you must master the art. Before you’re asked to step inside the interview room, please maintain a calm composure.

There are certain hormones in the body that run riot each time we are stressed. They aren’t friendly to an interview candidate because they clog your reasoning and presentation faculty. They may make you stutter and commit errors that you would be ashamed of when you recollect them later after the interview.
Of course, you can’t be doing yoga here. One of the most effective ways to stay calm is to control your breath. Breathe in large quantities of air and expel it gently and slowly. Repeat the rhythm in 10 regular intervals. It works.

Don’t Be Late. Don’t be too Early

Assuming you’re the best candidate for any interview on earth, I rejoice with you. However, the day you’ll know that the mighty do fall is the day you arrive late to an interview. You will be rattled out of your cage and you will be left completely out of steam.

So, don’t be late to an interview.

Conversely, don’t go in there 30 minutes before the interview. You will end up putting the interviewer under undue pressure and this will reflect in their attitude towards you during the interview.

Don’t rehearse. Go Over Your Notes

Ok. It’s fine that you practise your delivery but let it stop just before you leave your house or office for the interview venue. One thing you must know is that interviewers know when you’re sounding programmed and robotic. Lest I forget, your chances of making silly mistakes increase when you’re bent on rehearsing into the interview room.

What you should do is go over your notes and take a last bite at the main points and stories you want to discuss.

Be the Jolly Fellow But be Observant

Interviewers are human beings. Long after you’d left the venue, they discuss you. They talk to the receptionist, they listen to the security guards; they try to build some impression of you.

Wouldn’t you rather give a good impression?

Be friendly to everybody. Smile and interact with the receptionist and guards, and the drivers (if you know them). All of them count in the final analysis.

Watch your posture when you sit, talk, walk or shake hands. Don’t give a weather beaten pose.

Please take note of things around you. Do you know you could dazzle interviewers by simply commending the arrangement of photos and frames at the reception lobby? Use the waiting time to sip in details around you.

Resist Checking Your Emails and Switch off Your Phone if You Can

One bit of disorganizing news or information can ruin your chances of success in an interview. Imagine you getting an email asking you to explain your roles in a messy issue at the office (you may not be culpable though). That pushes the interview to a corner of your mind. It takes the centre stage.

Do I need to tell you what that means?

Stay focused and let the dead bury their corpses in the meantime.

Treat Your Look
Take a walk to the bathroom and take care of loose end in your dress and appearance. Dressing well helps with your overall confidence. Have you noticed how a little more confident a man is approaching a woman when he is impeccably dressed? Not much different from the job interview I tell you.

Aren’t they simple?

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