What You Need to Know About GNLD/Multi Level Marketers Posing as Employer & How Not to Be Defrauded

Everyday at Ngcareers we battle scam employers and persons who come to post job vacancies that are not only fake but are meant to scam and defraud the unsuspecting job seeker. They come in multiple shades and forms but their ultimate goal remains to scam you into paying a registration fee to join a Multi level marketing franchise and pay for an initial supply of goods (mostly supplements and vitamin products).

So in most cases with these people jobseekers set out to attend a supposed job interview only to fall into a seminar trap where the brainwashing (aka Marketing) starts.

The Modus Operandi

While some of them may not be outright fraudsters (who take your money and disappear) they are still fraudulent in that they do not tell you the whole story until you are in. They may claim they want you to work as business development executives, client service officers, sales rep etc when in actuality they want you to join their downline in any of the various multilevel marketing schemes they operate (with a registration fee of course).

Another approach is to claim they will have to train you for a period of time to enable them transfer the skills you need to function as a sales/business development person. The snag here is that the trainng comes with various costs. They may charge anywhere between N10,000 – N30,000 for the training. It may be only after paying that you realise you are actually going to be part of a multilevel marketing scheme and will be required to purchase their first batch of supplements .

Multilevel marketing, on its own, is not a bad thing either. It is just the approach these guys use to falsely lure unsuspecting jobseekers into something they are quite not looking for and in the process fleecing them of their money.

The Chief Culprits

These people change names almost on a daily basis. Sometimes to keep track of each new metamorphosis we created a blacklist page where career individuals can go to check for names of organisations we have found to be dubious in that way. You can find our regularly updated page of fake recruiting organisations in Nigeria here.

How to Detect Them

Some of these organisations may put out what look like perfect job ads and are continously improving on their ability to deceive unsuspecting applicants. Still, there are basic things to look out for to enable you detect these fake organisations;

– When they ask for you to pay to take a test; Most likely they are scammers
– They ask you to pay registration fees or to attend a seminar: This is usually where you know an MLM outfit parading as a hiring organisation
– They refer you to someone to obtain something they may claim is important for your application

How Not to Fall Victim

The Golden Rule to Not Being Scammed by Dubious Job Offers remains; Never part with your money in exchange for a promise for a job. If you do not want to be deceived then be sure to observe the following;

1. Never be desperate for a Job

2. When it involves parting with your Money in Whatever Form Go Away. This way you never make a mistake of giving somebody huge sums of money only to realise they have made away with it.

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  1. helen says:

    Nonsense.who do u think you are to slander other,you are just saying who you are to the public.face your business busy body

    • gainno says:

      I know you are one of them in Lanre shittu, Jibowu and sheraton Link road,PLS STOP THIS for Christ sake,bcos you ‘re committing sins by deceiving innocent job seekers that’s if you have conscience.

    • debo says:

      @helen…I suspect u are one of those Marketing pple,just know that as u are luring unsuspecting job seekers into a scam and preying on people’s desperation…God will reward u according to ur deeds,useless pple

  2. gainno says:

    anyway Paul you ‘ve said it all, they ll send an invite to you that you have bin shortlisted for an interview/training/chart by HR/ADMIN,with a funny code to make things worse if a genuine coy sends an invite you will be confused thinking they are the one that sent it, i av missed a genuine interview just recently,i use to wonder is it everyday they recruit are they not tired of deceiving people?I believe they are reading, my advise for them is for them to repent and give their lives to Christ and let people know what they are doing instead of deceiving innocent job seekers to join them I think its a matter of choice.

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