Find Your Next Employment with Job Search Tips for 2015

There’s nothing sweeter than having a job right at the starting of a year. Finding a right job isn’t a cup of tea and it takes a lot of sincere efforts. So, if you know that you will be searching for some finest jobs this year then forget the old granny’s way. Sweetening the resume and improvising on your social media presence is important of course, but they are no more ground breaking. Newness and novelty is a brand new in and here are some of the job search tips for the year 2015 that will boost your search right from your strength.

A practical mind aspires for a bright career option and hence a promising job. Oftentimes, searching for a right job is an ordeal! Why not club the job search with speed and competitiveness? Let’s probe a bit deep to scout the answer for a million dollar question, ‘how to seek your dream job in 2015’.

• Quality over quantity- time to flip the switch upside down!

A human brain likes to play safe and takes no risk at all. Perhaps, this is the only reason why jobseekers opt for reactive applications to jobs rather than having a proactive approach. Being tempted could be one big mistake and random application could be the next big one. The basic problem that is usually encountered by the job aspirants, especially the newbies is that of resume blasting, which actually shrinks the chances for profile shortlisting.

Contrariwise, the solution for the above mentioned problem can be curbed by having a qualitative approach instead of the quantitative one. Avoid bulk applications and spend a quality time in tailoring your profile in accordance to the job application. Go fancy with the cover letters to highlight the key skills and qualifications that an employer looks for. If the application hits the right chord then the next thing one needs to do is to be a little more specific to the approach.

• Time to say hi to the old colleagues!

Networking is important and so it is to stay in touch with the ex-colleagues and managers. If you have already worked in an organization then you must be knowing it how churn the maximum benefit out of your network. Before shortlisting a job profile and applying for the same, get in touch with the old chums and share the same. And also, let them know about what exactly are you looking for and seek for an early advice, suggestions and guidelines to champ your work.

A healthy connection brews healthy results! People already deployed at best position hold just the right authority to guide you with the best advice.

• Be patient and don’t urge the employer for an early feedback!

The worst thing that could put an end to all the efforts is when the aspirants start to expect an early feedback for their application. And not only has this but they even keep a note of every trivial sign wondering whether they made it or not. Inquisitiveness, anxiousness, anxiety and there are many synonyms that might crash the floor- exclude them from your dictionary. Sometimes it’s okay to leave things blunt and come around as a pleasant surprise.

• Show up with the best cover letters!

The basic problem with the cover letter for a fresh applicant is that it includes nothing new but a brief outline about the enclosed resume, which is perhaps, already known. However, in order to have a rock solid impact, try to include something new about your candidature, which might highlight your personal traits, working habits and also your genuine interest about the job. Tailor it as desired!

• The snail mail thing- it works sometimes!

There are countless ways to hunt down a job and using snail mail is just one of many possible options. It might sound crazy but an email can help you in making your day. Shooting a mail in a day would not only make a healthy confrère network but will also augment the probabilities of hitting just the right job.

• Multiply the job search horizon!

Avoid sticking to the mundane and monotonous methodologies of applying to a job. Diversify the search by making out the utmost advantage of the job search portals, which will so surely help you to ace a job in 2015.

So surely, there are handful of serious measures, which, if followed can land you amongst your dream job or vice versa. Certainly, the most wanted tips for job search in 2015 have been mentioned above and now is the time for you to knock the door and grab the opportunity.

Sudha Mishra writes on behalf of Naukri Gulf, a top job site for the Middle east and UAE

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