This One Interview Trick that Always Work

Nigerian Labour market swells by the number. Interview sessions get more rigorous than before.

Because interviews still remain among time tested tools for candidates pruning. In our own case here in Nigeria, employers are getting more crafty and more interview savvy.

Why? The reason isn’t far fetched.

Now we have more graduates being poured out of our tertiary institutions than we ever had. Combined with the already bursting number of job seekers in our database (do we have a reliable database?), the battle to clinch the dream jobs gets tougher every second. So, it isn’t much of what you read or your lofty grade point that matters any more (don’t get me wrong, they matter in their own right). Impressive credentials have to be defended at impressive interview sessions. Period.

Let’s cut out the details of how you got called for the interview. The long and short of the story is that you’re here staring at the interviewer in the face – that’s if you’re not looking at a blank space behind the interviewer.

It’s time for me to share a trick I just learnt about how to successfully scale through an interview. But before the expo, first a question to you. Can you make your interviewer set his lips in a warm and friendly smile with the answers you give to his questions? Hmm!…Can you?

That’s what you need to do. That’s if you’re determined to occupy a spot at the top of the pecking order. To do it is simple. But it’s equally not too simple especially if you’re not the studious goal – getting type. Here you go…

Buy Into the Company’s Vision

A personal story should explain this better.

I was the interviewer. So, it’s not about some heroic stunt I pulled.

While setting up Inspired Brains! – an innovative skills acquisition centre, I needed a marketer to help coordinate the publicity campaign. Seven good looking female corps members registered their interest because the pay and the terms of engagements weren’t bad at all. But I needed just one person. All of them had the requisite academic and physical qualifications. But one of them swept my feet off the ground.

During the interview sessions, while the other six were overtly academic with their answers (you know the usual stuff we read about how to answer interview questions), the lady I hired started by first asking me what the vision was for the centre. I explained.

She bought into the vision. She assumed she was the owner of the business. And she gave me a fluid ‘lecture’ on how best to market it. I will be wrong to say that her answers were perfect. But they were bold. They were fluid. They were relevant. They were emotionally personal. And they were convincing.

She was hired on the strength of her convincing passion that was on display during the interview.

That’s the trick. Imagine that the business is yours. Understand the position. Then say what you’d want the position holder do if you were the one hiring. It’s a trick no interviewer can ignore. It fosters a sort of kindred spirit.

These points will help.
 Study ahead of the interview to know all you can about the organisation (if such information is available).
 Get all the fact you can about the position you’ll be interviewed for.
 Put yourself in the owner’s driver. What would you have the position holder do?
 Be passionate with your answers, and be friendly. Don’t address your interviewer as you would do your pastor but as you would do a professional colleague.

Let’s catch up on this discussion in my next post. You can dictate the tone of our next discussion by your comments and questions.

And lest I forget. I’m still hiring but on two conditions. One, you can teach. Two, you live in Abeokuta. Our centre is currently admitting students for courses in entrepreneurship, skill acquisition, communications skills, resume writing and interview techniques and tips. You can check on us via

Have a great day.

About Taiwo Adeyemi

Taiwo Adeyemi a passionate and inspirational freelance writer. A motivational speaker and a blogger. He holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration with experiences in finance, teaching, public speaking, writing and music. His passion for inspirational writing and speaking has seen him publish a book Ideas: From Nest to Transformation. He is putting finishing touches to a second one. Contact him. 09097348380


  1. Nwankwo Innocent Bally says:

    Continuous review can give the Nigerian youth the insight. Even when they are not yet before the interviewer.


  2. Samuel says:

    In professional field like engineering applying for supervisory and managerial role, how do u keep your interviewer on the table to enjoy every bit of you?

  3. tosin says:

    Thank you for the post. You are a good writer.

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