The Best Part Time Jobs that Still Allow You to Make Money

If your current situation requires that you work part time, it can be difficult to support yourself and make ends meet. Many part time positions don’t generate much income, so if you are forced to work part time you can quickly find yourself in a frustrating financial predicament. However, there are a few positions that generally allow for part time work, but still offer sufficient finances. If you are looking for a job that allows you to work part time, but can allow you to make decent money, consider a few of the following positions.

An interpreter can make up to $40 an hour, depending on where they are working, and in what field. A whopping 90% of them make nearly that much, as interpreting can be a high-stress job that involves listening in one language at the same time as talking in another. Those in government or medical fields tend to make the most money, but interpreters for colleges and universities can be high earners as well.

Flight Attendant
Flight attendants can make between $26 and $35 an hour, for 20 hours a week. Though a job as a flight attendant involves frequent travel and, of course, dealing with disgruntled travelers, someone with a professional demeanor and a college degree can earn a lot doing this part time. For most, the travel is an upside to the job, not to mention the benefits of free flights.

Dental Assistant
With an hourly wage of at least $13 an hour, but higher depending on where one is working, being a dental assistant is a viable way to make decent money. A dental assistant works either directly with dentists who treat patients, or in dental laboratories or support office operations. Their responsibilities can include getting the patients comfortable, taking x-rays, laying out the dentist’s tools, and even making plaster casts if he or she is working in a lab rather than in an office. Dental assistants can also be responsible for office management duties. According to the professionals at the Dental Career Academy, the act of cleaning the teeth is usually done by a dental hygienist, and does not fall to the dental assistant.

Nothing on your face makes a greater contribution to how you look than your smile. This is why there are many patients who embrace opportunities provided by cosmetic dentistry procedures to enhance their smiles.

However, even if you are such a person, it may be difficult to understand and choose exactly what treatment options are right for you, but with assistance from a dental practitioner, you can get the way forward and select from a number of available avenues for improvement.

There are many forms of cosmetic treatments for your teeth to help you get a better looking smile over time, which is why you need the help of a professional to determine which options are healthy and safe for you depending on the state of your current smile. if you are looking for the best dentist in Kennesaw then West Cobb Dentistry / cosmetic dentist is the best option, visit once.

Cosmetic dental procedures can offer several advantages, including brighter, whiter teeth, straighter teeth and correction of broken teeth, among many others. Missing teeth can also be replaced, and when coupled with restorative procedures, you can have stronger teeth in the process.

Makeup Artist
A makeup artist works in a variety of areas, including but not limited to movies, theatre, music videos, boutiques and department stores. Often, the work involves enhancing the costumes of actors, which may require knowledge of the makeup of different time periods. Makeup artists typically go through formal training at a vocational school, which may take a few years. But once they complete their training and can land a job, they earn anywhere from $14 to $24 an hour, only needing to work up to 20 hours per week.

Yoga or Pilates Instructor
If you have a working knowledge of yoga and/or Pilates, teaching classes can be a great way to earn money part time. With as little as six hours of work per week, a yoga or Pilates instructor can earn between $20 and $40 an hour. Responsibilities include working with students either in a class or one-on-one, and helping them as they struggle through the movements and techniques. Some studios will require you to complete their training program if they have one in place, while other institutions will accept other accreditation and certifications. Yoga and Pilates are extremely popular right now, so there is likely a need for instructors at the studios in your area.

It can be discouraging to try and make a living while working part time, but if you are a student, a parent, struggling with chronic illness, or have other circumstances that keep you from working full time, know that there are viable positions out there. With a little research and the right certification, you can enjoy the benefits of part time work, along with the pay that is necessary to support yourself.

This article was contributed by Dixie Somers


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