Careers for Industrial Relations/Personnel Management Graduates in Nigeria

Personnel management and industrial relations are somwehat related concepts that deal with various aspects of the relationship between the management of organizations and their employees as well as the relationship between other parties with a vested interest, such as labor unions.

Thus in most higher institutions they are jointly offered as a course of study while some may offer just industrial relations or personnel management.

The major difference is that while personnel management is more concerned with the recruitment, training and proper relations with employees and staff of an organisation industrial relations has more to do with relating to outside organised labour bodies like trade unions and the labour congress/bodies.

So a graduate in personnel management/industrial relations is trained to be an asset to any organisation in terms of helping manage, get the best out of employees and handle relations with external workforce related unions.

So graduates of this field are core to recruitment, training, monitoring and evaluation of employees as well as handling of all human resources issues in organisations.

Some of the career opportunities open for personnel management/industrial relations graduates include;

– Guidance/Counselling
– Career Advisor (in student affairs department of high schools)
– Health Safety and Environment Inspector (with requisite trainings and qualifications a graduate of industrial relations can carve out a career in health and safety)
– HR/Personnel management
– Management consulting
– Public sector administration
– Recruitment consulting
– Corporate Training and development

Types of organisations where Personnel Management/Industrial Relations Graduates can find opportunities include;

– Employment & Recruitment Agencies
– Financial Organisations
– Large companies with a HR/Personnel department
– Public service agencies
– Law firms
– Management consulting firms
– Universities/colleges/high schools

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  1. Success says:

    Indeed I find this vital information useful, in eradicating ignorance, fallacy, and bring light that will nurture the view of an industrialist…….

  2. Success says:

    Indeed I find this vital information useful, in eradicating ignorance, fallacy, and bring light that will nurture the view of an industrialist in an organizational sector, especially factories…….

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  4. Oreoluwa says:

    this helped, cos I just want to study the course in the university

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    This helped me also am planning to study this course in the university. All the best

  6. Adekunle funmilayo E says:

    Pls I graduated four years ago, in indistrial relations and personnel management,pls how do I get a jo without a work experience in industrial relations and personnel management

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    I have Bsc. Political Science Ed. What kind of post graduate course can I opt for in order for me to be able to study industrial relations and personnel management at the Master’s degree level

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  10. This has help me now to be show of and know who I am. As a graduate of Industrial Relation and Personnel Management (IRPM) I now know where and what to apply for.
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