4 Specialized Medical Careers to Boost Your Salary

The medical field is one of the most lucrative career areas because it is always a necessity, but it is also one with many varied opportunities at all levels. Medical professionals are paid a salary consistent with the amount of training and specialization they have. There are many test you will have to do while training, you can get help for the casper test here. The more specialized the career field, the better the salary is likely to be. Here are a few specialized medical professions that will definitely benefit your bank account.

1. Child Clinical Psychologist

Child Psychologists make around $70,000 a year. They generally work in hospitals, government facilities, or even own their own practices. One of the great things about a career as a psychologist is the amount of school versus the expected salary. You must have a bachelor degree, but then you can apply for a Doctor of Clinical Psychology program directly. After that you can choose to intern in a pediatric clinic in order to specialize in child psychology.

2. Maternal – Fetal Medicine

This is a very specialized profession, but also a very rewarding one. These medical doctors take care of the most high-risk pregnancies and deliveries and could make more than $250,000 a year. Their aim is to give every child a chance at life and every mother a safe pregnancy and delivery. An MFM specialist or high risk obstetrician must attend undergraduate school and then go to medical school. After that, they must specialize in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and go through an internship and residency. For instance, Dr. Gilbert Webb is a partner at Midwest Maternal-Fetal Medicine in St. Louis Missouri, and he handles 25% of the patients in his practice directly.

3. Certified Nurse Midwife

A nurse midwife is a nurse practitioner who specializes in pregnancy and labor and delivery. Midwives will work in hospitals or medical practices to help monitor the growth of the baby and medical visits and will be the supervising professional at the birth of a baby as well as monitoring the health of the mother after delivery. CNMs have a bachelor degree in nursing and must graduate from an accredited state-approved nurse-midwifery program. They make around $100,000 a year.

4. Ophtalmic Pathologist

These specialized practitioners are responsible for the study, diagnosis, and care of eye diseases. They will usually work in hospitals or in private practice. To become anOphtalmic Pathologist you will need to attend undergraduate school and then go to medical school. In order to obtain licensure in the field, you will then need to study both ophtamlology and pathology. Licensure also requires an internship and residency. Typically, these physicians will gross about $250,000 a year.

As indicated, there are as many medical specialties as there are interests. If you are willing to put in the time and energy necessary, it can definitely be worth the effort. But most importantly, medical careers require a great amount of care and compassion, so that should be top of mind when determining if a career in healthcare is right for you.

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