Tips to Find Your First Job

For recent college graduates, finding the first job becomes their full time job. If you are also entering this important phase of your life, the following article will help you out in finding your first job.

Here are a few important tips that can keep you going with the daunting task of job search even if you have limited industry knowledge, less contacts and no prior job search experience.

Convince yourself

In order to sound convincing to the employer, it is vital to convince yourself first. In other words, this means knowing yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, unique skill set, and competencies. The knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses can make you present them as your great assets to the employer.

Know your job interests

Identify your interest areas to pursue a career in a particular field. Take time to give meaning to your job search and do not be in a hurry to apply for any job. You can also take some personality tests, career counselling, etc. to identify your suitability to a particular type of job. Hence, knowing your interest areas can streamline your job search.

Take out time for some research

Finding a lucrative job involves a proper research about the hiring companies, types of job roles available, job market scenario, and your preferred job location. The sooner you get clarity on all this; the better will be your job search process. You can read the targeted industry journals, top companies’ websites, contact career counsellors to gain a clear perspective on your first job.

Widen your network

A strong social network can actually uncover job openings in the “hidden” employment market. This means that you can come to know about the jobs that people get mostly by referrals from previous or current employers. Your network may include your family, peers, alumni, and friends.

Moreover, maintaining an online presence on reputed professional websites, such as LinkedIn and Ngcareers, helps in your job search. This is mainly because a large number of employers nowadays find their potential employees on these websites and not by advertising for their jobs. Thus, a strong career network helps in circulating your CV in the right hands and increases your visibility to the employers in the hidden employment market.

Work on your CV

While your self-analysis, research, and career network can help you in knowing about a right job and employer, a well-prepared CV and a cover letter assists you to prepare for your first interaction with the employer. As fresh graduates does not have any work experience to add in the CV, education record and extracurricular demands more emphasis. Prepare customized CV for different job openings and focus on mentioning job related skills, such as project management skills, IT skills, etc. The flow of content, format, and lengthof the CV must be appropriate.

Do not ignore interview preparation

Your success in getting through the first job is incomplete without preparing in advance for the job interview. Sure, you would not want to take any chance in your job selection. Hence, it is vital to understand the job requirement, research about the company and demonstrate your capability as the best job candidate. Display professionalism by reaching on time, dressing appropriately, and maintaining the right body language.
Last words

Until the time you finally land your preferred job, treat the job search as your full-time job! Set the job search strategy, starting from research to applying for jobs, and preparing theCV to follow-up after the interview.

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