2 Wrong Notions About Fake or Scam Job Invitations

We have compiled a few wrong notions people have about fake or scam jobs. Scam jobs exist obviously but when the below happens it doesn’t necessarily mean you are dealing with a scam or fake job offer.

1. When you get invited without applying for a job it’s a scam

This is a wrong approach on many fronts. In today’s professional world where career and professional platforms like LinkedIn and Ngcareers are used by recruiters and big companies to head-hunt and look for experienced candidates for their vacancies it is becoming increasingly common to see career individuals who have created or added their resume to sites like Ngcareers getting called or contacted by employers/recruiters without ever applying for any job.

In fact it is estimated that up to 50% of jobs are never advertised openly. We know a few big recruitment agencies that silently source candidates for the vacancies they have to fill especially as the vacancies are for very experienced positions.

So next time you get contacted by an employer or recruiter it could be genuine. If you are on Ngcareers talent platform they may have found your resume matches the candidate they are looking for.

2. Interview Invites that come with non-company email (free emails like yahoo etc) are fake

Nothing can be further from the truth. While it’s true that job scammers out there use free email services a whole lot of reputable recruiters and company HR people also use free email services like gmail and yahoo mail to recruit or send out interview emails. Many recruiters or big companies try to hire anonymously and a good number of them have these free email services they use in order to keep their official company emails away from being spammed or deluged with unwanted email messages from all manner of applicants.

So in essence a lot of genuine emails come via free email services. Ngcareers encrypts its application process for many employers and this helps prevent their company emails or emails they use in receiving applications from being spammed.

The key to staying safe from being scammed is to never consider parting with your money to any employing organisation or persons under any guise.

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  1. ANONYMOUS says:

    What about those that invite candidates for unsolicited job tests/interviews only to demand money from the unsuspecting candidates in the guise of them earning huge sums of money as Health care products Marketers?

    • Andy says:

      Once any company or recruiter start demanding money from you either to give you the job or with promise you will earn huge sums of money as a marketer, then it is obviously a scam. Rule number one to avoid being scammed “DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY TO ANY COMPANY OR RECRUITER”

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