Entry Level Salaries of Companies in Nigeria by Industry

We all know most everyone wants to know what company A and company B is paying. Even when we do not hope o land a job with them we just want to know and be informed on the various salary discrepancies. Who knows one day the knowledge may come in handy.

So based on a discussion on Nigeria’s largest forum, Nairaland we felt to do this bit of research and outline a rough sketch of what companies pay to entry level workers and staff. We have categorised this by industry to make it easier to grab. So for a few popular industries we have come up with the entry level salaries of companies in Nigeria. If you are yet to join Ngcareers you can do that here and gain access to more career information such as this.

Note that contract staff are not included in this salary expose as those cannot be said to be full employees of the companies they work for. The salary ranges included below are strictly for entry level full time employees.

The figures are given in annual pay after tax and pension deductions

1. Banks – (N2.1 Million – N2.76 Million)

Some of the highest paying banks at this level are Diamond Bank, Union Bank and Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

2. Professional Consulting – (N1.44 million – N1.92 million)

Obviously within this sector the big guns like Pricewaterhousecoopers, KPMG etc pay better than the local, indigenous players.

3. Information & Communication Technology – (N1.2 million – N2.4 million)

When we say IT companies here we mean not internet startups and the likes but core information technology hardware and software servicing companies like Huawei Technologies,

4. Oil & Gas – (N1.8 million – N9.6 million)

In this sector it’s a wide range as you don’t be surprised to see some local companies paying very low while you see multinationals pay as high as 500k or more per month to entry level graduate employees. It’s crazy in this industry and the ranges vary a lot depending on where you end up. Entry level pay in sub sectors like downstream, indigenous oil servicing are lower than upstream/exploration and production.

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    Thanks, kindly state entry level for Guinness nigeria plc, Nigerian brewery

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    Thnks yu nver state entry level for embassy,FIRS nd CBN

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