The 3 Winning Principles for Interviews

I agree. It’s almost unimaginable the sheer volume of what have been written on interviews. Expert tips on ‘how to’ and ‘golden rules’. It’s heavy.

But it’s justified.

Gone are the days when opportunities depended majorly on chances and luck. Experience, education and modern dynamics have rendered things mathematical and logical. If you do A, your chance of getting B is higher. Because the frequency supports the assumption.

In a country as ours, knowing a few tricks about interviews is an added edge. The reason is glaring. There are always too many qualified candidates jostling for one position. If what counts is merit, being able to raise your hand a foot above the rest is a plus. To do this, you need to perch on some lever.

I’ll share these 3 tips. They work for me. They work for those who understand the principles. They will work for you – I can bet my lunch on it.

Never Go In With a Beggar Mentality

Belive me. The company needs you more than you need them if only you can confidently prove that you’re the guy they’ve been looking for. It’s psychological. Get as much information as you can on the company and about the position. If you can, request for the job description. Standard companies will readily make the JD available. Do a personal research on what the position entails. Match it with your experience and your skills.

Then go in with a superior mentality. You’re not going there to beg for the job. You’re going in to show them that you’ve got what it takes to surpass their expectations. Go give them some education.

That’s settled, right? Then…

Don’t Take Interviews as Questions and Answers Sessions

Unfortunately, this mentality still dominates among job seekers in Nigeria. When a standard company says ‘you are invited for a chat’, that’s what an interview should be. And that’s what an interview is.

Well, it’s obvious that the mentality to take an interview as a friendly chat is a byproduct of the first point discussed above. Once you’ve done your homework very well, you’re home and dry. You know that you’re not going in to beg. Your knowledge about the job is adequately updated. Why then should you consider an interviewer a tormentor?

So, loosen up. Talk as you’ll talk to a friend. Share what you know. Smile naturally. Express your winning personality not only with what you say but also with how composed you’re. During an interview, I once commented on how pretty the daughter of my interviewer was from her photo he displayed on his desk. He told me he didn’t feel we were having an interview, because the atmosphere was friendly and lively.

On a final note…

Ask Questions

Even good teachers don’t like pupils that don’t ask questions in classes. It makes teaching tasking and boring.

Once you turn an interview to a one-way traffic, you’ve made the task a shade difficult for yourself. One, it shows that you’re not passionate about the job. Two, your emotional intelligence is questionable. Three, you’ll be taken for a weakling.

Ask questions about what the organisation specifically demands of the post holder. Ask questions about the team you’ll work with if you’re employed. Ask questions about the reporting line. If there are things you feel that the company could be doing and they’re not doing (from what you’ve researched of course), ask why they aren’t doing them.

Never tell an interviewer that you have no questions.

That’s about that.

We can always hook up. Should you have comments on this article, please drop them at the comment box below. If your questions or comments are for me, I’ll be glad to welcome them. Shoot me an email on or

Talk to you soon.

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