5 Most Distasteful Workplace Behaviour You Should Avoid

If you have ever worked in a mid or large sized organisation you know there are some employees who exhibit some form of annoying behaviour or the other. If you work with people in an organisation there are stuff you shouldn’t be doing. Below are some distasteful workplace behaviours that piss of co-workers and colleagues. Even when they don’t speak up about them it affects the relationship and atmosphere at work.

1. Speaking Your Dialect in a Mixed Culture Office

I think all tribes in the country are guilty of this. It usually starts with the tribe with the most number of employees.

There is a certain annoyance and frustration when you are at work and all you hear is a staccato of strange sounding words and noises interjected with spatterings of English. You could be conversing with a colleague from another tribe in English for instance and the next thing his tribesman walks in and immediately starts speaking to him in their dialect which clearly you don’t understand a word of.

It’s even more annoying when the superiors go ahead to speak with their juniors from the same tribe in dialect while others (non-tribesmen) are there present.

No one says culture should not be promoted but not at the expense of professionalism! After all as an adult you can always speak your birth language at home or in the evenings after work or even when you are alone with your ‘kinsmen’

Not when you are in a professional environment with people from all over and the professional lingua franca (to enable everyone communicate effectively) is English.

2. Assuming You Know Every Aspect of Your Work

There are these sort of people that find it very difficult to take any suggestion regarding their job. They don’t ever want to accept you might know anything to get the work done that they don’t know.

For such egomaniacs it’s always better to stay away, mind your business and let them swim or sink in the river of absolute knowledge.

3. ‘Eye Service’

Aha!! This type can tell you how the boss is so mean and nasty and the next second the boss shows up she is all smiling and ass-licking the boss all over the place.

Give her something to do and while you are there she works like a donkey. The moment you turn your back she goes on Konga to look at the newest high heeled shoes.

This type also lap up close to their colleagues especially when they need something from them.

4. Poke-nosing

Ah, I have been arguing with someone whether this one is the worst behaviour of all. You know Drake’s song ‘Worst Behaviour’?

Yes, this is way up there in the list of most annoying traits of some workers. They can’t pass by your desk without putting their face into your computer system. Absolutely annoying set of people. There are even ones that would quickly move over to your desk to scan through your open laptop when you have gone to the restroom for a leak.

They never want anything to pass them by. They are much worse than gossipers because they are actually always sniffing after what doesn’t concern them.

5. Office Gossip

This is a younger relation to Poke-nosing. The ones suffering from this behaviour can never hear where a discussion about any office issue is going on without jumping in.

They have mouth leakage and the day you divulge any official or unofficial secret to them fiam! it hits the office grapevine.

Information, of any sorts, is not save with this type.

So do you have ideas of other irritating office behaviour you have encountered you can share them in the comments.

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