First NITDA National Software Development Challenge (NITDA e-SOLVE)

NITDA e-SOLVE is a National Software Competition fully owned by the National Information Technology Development Agency with the objective of recognizing and promoting up coming Software Solution Developers. This competition is open to all software solution developers either you develop mobile software solutions or web application or full fledged enterprise software application. The goal is to:
Identify upcoming Nigerian Software Solution developers and startups in the entire country. This first goal traslate to a win-win for all the entries made by all participants. Your solution is noted and your details are with us and although you may not make it to the finals, yet you can be recommended to organizations that may need your services
Provide a competitive platform for home grown solutions. The advantage of competition is that it promotes the urge to do more. When products are subjected to healthy competition, the loosers identify weakness in their products and fortify it against the future while the winner put in more effort to remain at that position. Ultimately, it is a win-win for all
Promotion and Support of the winning solution. The top three winners in the finals would enjoy financial reward that would enable them consolidate on their software development business. In addition to that, NITDA would provide a support for the overall winner to showcase the winning solution on platform such as GITEX and eNigeria.

The theme of this year’s event is, OPTIMIZING SERVICE DELIVERY IN THE HEALTH AND EDUCATION SECTOR WITH INDIGENOUS I.T. SOLUTION. Consequently the primary factor that would be used for selection of winner for the event would be premised on the positive impact of the solution on either of the two sectors of the economy as earlier mentioned.
The event is strictly for persons of the Nigerian origin hence applications from other nationals would not be considered. It is also pertinent that you properly complete your registration for before the closing date hence any registration that is not properly completed would be disqualified; all fields must be populated before the closing date.
Entries are welcomed from Monday 22nd September, 2014 and all applicants must complete their application details on or before Saturday 27th September, 2014 by 11:59pm Nigerian time.


  • There are two rounds of selection for the NITDA e-SOLVE project.
  • The first selection process would be done virtually. Responses received from applicants are would go through two processes, the electronic shorlisting and the manual short-listing. The electronic shortlisting would be done electronically and it is concerned with the correctness of the entries submitted.
  • Subsequently, the valid entries are reviewed by a team of Judges who would reivew the various submissions and then select the adjudged best entry from each of the geo-political zone within the country.
  • The second process commences immediately after the completion of the first. The individual with the adjudged best entry from each zone would be contacted and invited for the finals in Abuja. Such individual would be allowed to bring along two more team members to join at the finals. They would be given THEME BRIEF ahead of their arrivals in Abuja and would be expected to develop an innovative solution within 72 hours.


  1. Log on to
  2. Read the about eSolve page for instructions on how to apply
  3. Select the register now link to create your account
  4. Specify a valid email id and any password for your profile and click Create User button; a link would be sent to your email account, it might be sent to your SPAM box depending on your email provider. (DO NOT DELETE THIS MESSAGE BECAUSE YOU WILL ALWAYS NEED IT TO LOGIN)
  5. Click on the link from your email box, it will automatically take you to thelogin page
  6. Logon with the profile you just created and and complete your registration details.
  7. Write a brief summary of you application including: core objective, short description of how it works, technologies used, and a statement on why your application should be considered.


  1. Take screen shots of any application that you have developed before. The summarize the objective of your application and how it works
  2. Log on to and create an account and fill your details on the registration page then upload the earlier mentioned details before the closing date.
  3. Follow us on social media or expect our commun-ication if our judges consider your solutions as deserving for the final stage of the competition.

Source: Nairbrains

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