How I Got My Dream Job In Just Two Weeks – My Story And Lessons Learned 2

This is the second part of my story on how I got my dream job in just two weeks as well as some useful tips, advices and strategies to help you land the job of your dream in a short time without wasting time, energy and money.

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Here we go…

I stopped in the last post where I said that I decided to find a better way of finding a job without going through everything my mates that has started their job hunting way before me.

Before this, I’ve been an online addict and i consumed a lot of information online via books, blog posts, YouTube videos and audio podcast like the one I produced weekly – Your Career And You Show and one day i was re-reading Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and I just stumbled on the story of a woman who helped her son get a job as a sales VP at the company he like to work for and I was so surprised that although I had read the book many times previously, I never really noticed that page. That simple story triggered a kind of utopia inside me and I just keep reading that page over and over, later I went online to search for the term “hidden job market” which was briefly mentioned in the story and that Google Search started my journey to what I will call today my wonderful job hunting stories.

Lesson To Learn 1:

One saying goes like this – “If you want to keep a secret from a black man, hide it inside a book”. This shows how many of us are just busy in life doing what we like without learning much from books and other sources of knowledge and wisdom.

I’m not talking about those stupid and silly textbooks we read in school which are just useless for us in the real life but useful books written by many who took their time to compile all they know and their experience into books, videos, podcasts, blog posts and so on.

The foundation of my successful job hunting stories started from reading and re-reading a book that has been written and published many years before my father was even born and if you haven’t read Think And Grow Rich before or you haven’t carefully re-read it several times then go now to the nearest bookstore to get a copy – it shouldn’t be more than a few hundreds of Naira.

So in essence, the first tips to take away from this post is for you to cultivate the habit of finding, consuming and acting on information via books, videos, podcasts, blog post, forums and any other medium you can learn from.

I’m today vast in so many thing and you are right to call me a jack of all trade who is master of all – I’m a writer, blogger, audio and video podcaster, author, website programmer, social media and Internet Marketing expert and so on and not a single skill mentioned here was taught me by someone – I learn everything through been curious about how to do things and finding the right information about what I want and trying it out according to what I’ve learned.

Cultivating this habit will help a lot not only with your career life but also in every area and aspects of your life.

What I Learnt From Think And Grow Rich On How Best To Search For Jobs

Re-reading this book taught me a lot about how best to get a job.

But before I go on with what I learn to be the best way of searching for a job, let me mention some common ways that many job seekers use to hunt for jobs, why they never works and why they are just a pure waste of time. These common ways of job search has led many job seekers today into a frustrating pit of despair, sitting at home without a job and even money to enjoy life.

  1. Online Job Sites:  Almost every job seeker in Nigeria today is used to the many job search sites that keep springing up today.

Mind you, I’m not against any online job search site and to even say the truth, I’ve enjoyed working with the second most popular one in Nigeria – when I was starting and it’s a lovely partnership where I broadcast each episode of my online career and job search show – Your Career And You Show to their numerous subscribers but I must say that many job seekers are just wasting time responding to all the many jobs people keep posting on these sites.

In short, only like 20% of the job posted is a good fit for you and out of these 20%, only like 10% are jobs that you can have any chances of getting because of stiff and serious competition for those jobs from other job seekers like you.

Sincerely, I hate competition and I will rather find a way to bypass competition with anyone for jobs than spending my time running after jobs that thousands of other job seekers have their eyes on, leaving me with the so called “luck” factor to be the one that gets the job.

Lesson To Learn 2:

One of the reasons why many are without a job today is the fact that they are unknowingly preparing themselves and packaging themselves for failure with their job hunting efforts with the way they are searching for job today.

As an illustration, let assume that I saw an advert on these job search sites for an IT job in a medium sized IT firm in Lagos. Let now guess the number of other job seekers who are seeing the same adverts – maybe 500,a thousand or 2000 to even be conservative. Now, let say we have 1000 other Computer Graduate who want the same job and will apply for it just like I will do as well. What will be the probability of me getting the job out of all those other 1000 IT graduates?

That’s simply 1/1000 or 0.0001 which to anyone who went through basic primary school is a very poor ratio to bet anything on or count on it for anything. The only one that will want to count on this silly low ratio to get a job is that one who really believe so much in luck which from experience is only a matter of doing the right thing at the right time so that you will be well prepared when the right moment or opportunity knocks.

With this silly ratio your chance of getting the job you want out of the pool of numerous other job seekers is extremely low, but many job seekers like you keep repeating this on and on and that is why many job seekers are still without a job.

In essence, the common way that many are using to search for jobs today are just a pure waste of time simply because of the sole reason that the competition resulting from this method is a great disadvantage on its own leaving many playing the lucky game of praying and waiting for a job after applying for those jobs together with thousands even millions of other job seekers (for those so called popular and lucrative job opening that everyone want to have).

Rather than playing this luck game and waiting for months and even years for the job god to smile at you and get you a job, every job seekers should go the better and smarter way of creating their own luck and be in control of the job hunting battle rather than giving all the control to employers who can decide to do as they like and choose anyone they want because the demand is just way too much than the supply of the openings available.

During the course of this thread, you will learn this one smarter alternative to playing this luck game.

I’ve had this issue dealt with in past episodes of my weekly career and job search online show – Your Career And You Show and if you will like to learn more about why searching for jobs in this way is a pure waste of time and what you should do instead, you can download each episodes below.

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Q&A : How Can You Get The Right Type Of Job And Ways You Can Get It Fast

This will be the second part of this post.

Join me again here for part three of the post..

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    In my opinion, you still have a lot of work to do with respect to your tenses before selling any idea to the public. – I expect you to proof read articles before they are posted online to avoid appearing like mediocres because that is the impression I got after reading this article.

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      Thanks Amaka, for your feedback we really appreciate your response, we will work to ensure subsequent articles meet minimum standard before going live on our site.

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