Biggest Mistakes Companies Make on Their Job Postings and Recruitment Process

There are numerous articles on resumes mistakes written by various employers, HR and other resources persons, however there are very obvious mistakes most employers make when posting jobs or in their recruitment process that most of these articles have failed to address. I have tried as much as possible to list some of them below.

Job descriptions are full of typos
Many employers do this (even some jobs posted on Ngcareers) and it is very bad, your job description should be typo free to help potential applicants understand the role required in the position being advertised and the steps you want them to take to apply. Some employer overlook this aspect because of the nature of the industry, they believe no matter the errors in the job details candidates will still apply, at the end they blame candidates for not understanding the job description. In our own effort we try to correct these typos where we can. But this is appalling.

Poor Formatting of job descriptions
Almost every employer/recruiter is guilty of this. Most jobs submitted are poorly formatted, this makes job descriptions hard to read and could make you lose quality applications. We spend several minutes reformatting various jobs published here on Ngcareers.

The length of some job descriptions/ requirements / desired skills is very unbearable.
Most NGO and government agencies are guilty of this, job details are extremely lengthy that you wonder whether this is actually a job description or an employment handbook. While your job description should be detailed, try as much as possible to keep it under reasonable length, to aid the job seeker fully understand your message when applying. Job descriptions between 300 words and 1000 words is ideal, at most keep it under 1500 words (my opinion).

Too short job details
Some SMEs are guilty of this, I don’t know if they think because they are small, their job description will be very small (some just post one line or few words). How do you expect the candidate to understand the role you want them to play in your company when all you wrote is just few words (e.g. “we are looking for a smart project manager, candidate must possess relevant degree”). Please try to add more flesh to your job description, it really helps.

Lying about Job Roles
Some companies notoriously lie about their job roles, when you are finally employed, they give you all the roles in the company, from errand boy to PA, from PA to customer service, from customer service to Sales/marketing officer; you begin to wonder whether you didn’t read the job description well. If a potential employee will perform multiple roles when employed kindly do them a favour by indicating it in your job details, so that they will know in advance what they are signing up for.

Lying about company values and culture
Most companies just list their values for listing sake, they are there just to look pretty and they hardly ever, if ever, practice what they preach. This is very bad, you can’t tell you potential employee that you value honesty and dedication and not show it from the owner down to the management. You can’t tell them you value your employees highly and still owe them salary or tell them that you train your employees periodically and never do that. It is good to try to practice what you preach, even if you don’t deliver 100%, 50% is better than nothing.

Deny a potentially good candidate interview due to minor typo.
Minor mistakes doesn’t indicate a candidate is dumb, try to overlook little mistakes and judge the candidate properly during interview. Humans are error prone including you, so try cut some slacks where necessary especially when the potential employees meets all your criteria.

Using Dumb softwares / programs that use keyword filters to filter applications.
It is not easy to go through thousands of applications without aid of a software, but some of these softwares / programs remove very good candidates who don’t fill their resumes with relevant and irrelevant keywords. Try and combine manual efforts with these softwares to get the best results.

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