Six Career Areas Where a Law Degree Will Come in Handy

The decision to obtain a law degree is the first step in the right direction to open up a world of power, promotion and privilege. In addition to the practice of law in criminal courts or civil litigation, a law degree can carry a great deal of weight for a business career or entrepreneurial enterprise. The components of a law degree expand beyond police procedures, courts and corrections, thus enabling the new law graduate to be fully prepared for a multitude of career options.

Real Estate Broker

In most states, obtaining a real estate law degree enables the law graduate to become an instant broker for residential and commercial sales. Possession of the law degree eliminates the need to begin entry-level work as a real estate agent or a Realtor. In addition, the law degree substitutes the requirement to take the state broker’s exam. Unlike real estate agent earnings that are dependent on individual sales, a real estate broker will receive a fixed percentage of all property transactions made in his or her company.

Teaching Law Classes

Earning a J.D in law provides an excellent and competitive base to teach law classes. Law school instructors are pooled from a wide range of law professionals who specialize in a variety of legal fields. Law school teaching employment ranges from a full-time status to a part-time career teaching in the evenings, weekends, and virtual classrooms.


The corporate world often promotes from within, using the criteria of job performance, seniority, and education. A J.D. law degree provides the corporate candidate with powerful oral and written communication skills that come in handy when handling the promotions of a large corporation.

Government Jobs

Many government jobs lend preferential treatment to applicants holding a law degree. Applicants with minimal education begin on the government pay scale at GS-1. However, applicants with a law degree will enter the pay scale at GS-7, thus commanding top-dollar for an entry-level job.


A law degree is beneficial to an entrepreneur on a number of levels. Law graduates are able to write and interpret their own contracts and gain a full understanding of the legal procedures that are pertinent to their field of business. A law degree will also keep any business owner from making any mistakes that could get them in trouble when establishing their business.

Politicians and Law Degrees

Although it is not necessary to obtain a law degree to enter politics, many politicians have a law degree. Perhaps the primary advantage of being an attorney is mastering the ability to communicate the talking points and persuading others to their point of view. Political careers range from sitting on local city boards to state and federal elections, and having a thorough knowledge of the law and how it works allows a politician to better help their government.

In general, a law degree provides the graduate with critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a tremendous verbal advantage. Whether you are self-employed or working your way up the corporate ladder, a law degree is the ideal launchpad to a lifetime of success.

This is a guest post provided by the professionals at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, who offer a master’s degree in law.

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