How I Got My Dream Job In Just Two Weeks – My Story And Lessons Learned 1

To every unemployed graduate and to those who need a better job..

Going to school is good but the problem today is what happens after graduates leave the four walls of our higher intuitions.

I could remember when I was in school, all we dreamt about is a good paying job right after our NYSC program and you can all guess those types of jobs I’m talking about. These are jobs many people all dream of – banks, oil companies and the big spending and earning telecommunication firms. These are just where every graduate always pray to get a job with.

But fast forward till today and you should know that the dream of yesterday has only be a dream which has never been fulfilled or realized.

Today, I want to share something important with everyone here who has been looking for job or anyone who need a better job.

It pisses me off today whenever I see my mates or anyone complaining of not getting a job. I really understand what it feels like to be in the frustrating period of spending months and even years at home doing nothing after applying for jobs all around but with little or no result to show for it. What really pisses me off is the fact that many job seekers are just ignorant of the fact that they are the ones who has been in the way of getting a job all these while.

What do I mean by this?

I’m not a serious religious guy but I’m a guy who knows some Bible verses off hand even if it means not remembering the exact verses and chapter but I can remember a passage in the bible that goes like this…

“My people are perishing because they lack knowledge…”

Now, let’s remove the word “perishing” and “knowledge” and let reframe this passage like this:

“My job seekers are still without a job because they lack the right information on how to get a job even in these days of limited job and fiercely competitive job market.”

That is just the bitter truth – many graduates today are still without a job because they lack the necessary knowledge and information they need to win the job hunting battle in today’s unfriendly job seeking reality.

In this thread, I’m going to share a lot about smarter ways to go about getting a job as fast and easy as many would never have known of and I will also be sharing smart tips and strategies that has helped me land the job of my dream in just two weeks and also everything I’ve been doing in the past that has resulted in making employers running after me and calling me phone all days just to get me to work for them and when I say this – I’m not kidding but you will get to know why that happened soon as you follow this thread.

A Brief Background about Me And The Story Of My Dream Job In Just Two Weeks

I graduated with a Bsc in Computer Science in Oct 2008 but before graduation, I’ve been the guy who knows that I’m not made for being an employee and that reality and fact has always been my guarding light in school. I spend not much time to get a first class degree just as many of my mates and there are even semesters that I keep skipping lectures just to watch my forex trades back in the days when the forex craze is all everywhere but I must say that I made lot of money then that many of my class mates will always tell me that I like money a lot but will you blame me since I know that even if I have a first class, I’m still going to need a job to make money but what if I can make those money now even without needing a job?

To cut the story short, I graduated and went for my NYSC program in June 2009 which helped me served in a big federal agency in which a friend of my Dad is one of their Directors but I hate working there for that one year and I personally thwart any opportunity I had to be retained as a full staff which would have me being out of the country by today for my master degree but I declined that because I hate every single days working there and after completing my NYSC year, I opt to start my own small business firm with all the money I saved during my NYSC days and I saved a lot because I was well paid then as a corper and also, I have the privilege to serve not far from home where I was sheltered and feed for free.

But after some months of trying to get my business off the ground without much traction because of lack of funds to work with, I decided to get a job at least to make some money to get my business off the ground.

But I hate to follow the usual way of getting a job which has been applying for jobs online via all the job search sites and waiting for the miracle that will happen after that. I decided never to follow this same path that has rendered my best friend then a frustrated guy after spending a lot submitting his resume and applying for thousands of job and travelling all the way to Abuja, PH and far way Kano for job interviews which yielded nothing more than the usual “we will get back to you later”.

Instead opted to find a better way to get the job I want and my job searching story begun……

This will be the first part of this 6 part series of post and I still have lots to say and share with everyone so keep tab with me here.

If you are wondering how you can play your job search game smartly and win fast unlike before when it’s been quite difficult and sometimes frustrating to get employers to say that much needed YES to you, then you need to read my free book – 7 Days To The Job You Want

Also, If you have any job search or career related question you will like to ask me, then feel free to shoot me your question and also you will find each episode of my weekly job search online show useful as well as my Question And Answer section where I answer questions I keep getting about how to get a job

Catch you here again for part two of this career and life changing post…

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  1. Chyka Favour says:

    This is quite interesting Mayowa, but I am yet to get the real gist. I am itching to hear the remaining b/c I am in dire need of a well paying job. Please gist me.

  2. Thanks Chika. Feel free to visit to get that full gist.


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