3 Innovative Ways of Flaunting your Soft Skills in your Job Search Process

Wondering what went wrong in that last job you applied, even though everything on the resume was up to the mark. Well, other than the experience and qualifications, there are other things that a recruiter looks for in a candidate and having the right soft skills is one of them. The following article talks about what the employers look out when they say soft skills and how can you flaunt your soft skills to the recruiter in a new, non-traditional and non-boring ways.


Most of the job seekers add phrases like ‘hard working’, ‘has a positive attitude’ and ‘can learn quickly’ to their resumes and wonder why has the recruiter not called me yet? Well, the fact is today human screening of resumes is going down and a lot of employers have started using the applicant tracking system that only shortlists the resumes that have keywords that match the job description. This is the reason most of the resumes directly fall into the black hole. Today, rather than showing off your soft skills in an old traditional way that might land you nowhere, it is important that you show them off in a more concrete way.

So, it is time to change the traditional way of selling yourself and enhancing your way of looking at a job search process. Innovation and uniqueness are the two factors definitely helping you out for the perfect job search. Interestingly you can flaunt your skills at every step of job search. Before going further, the first basic thing is what the employer looks at when it comes to soft skills.

What employers look at when it comes to soft skills?

Before understanding the how’s and what’s of soft skills required, it is also important to know what are the basic that the employer looks at when it comes to soft skills. The major skills required for a particular job is mentioned in the job description and should be included in your cover letter and resume without fail. But remember, you are more than just keywords. Going below, we understand how we can insert some particular keywords in your resume and at the same time show off the achievements that you have made in your work life. But before that here is a list of ten skills that every recruiter tries to find out in the candidate.

• Positive working attitude
• Ability to work and lead a team
• Ability to be self-motivated
• Effective communication skills
• Strong work ethics
• Ability to manage more than one task
• Dependability
• Flexibility
• Confidence
• Ability to handle pressure

3 ways to flaunt your soft skills

1. Add Life to your Cover Letter

Instead of just two paragraphs that describe you. Think of your cover letter as a conversation between you and your hiring manager and how would you leave a first impression. Technically, your cover letter is the first ever conversation that you have with the employer and hence it is the best that you add life to it.

Add stories that highlight some of the keywords mentioned in the job description. Consider the following example:
You are applying to a job that wants you to be technically advanced, have great communication skills and leadership qualities then you may work on framing a story that lists all of the above.

“The project that I took leadership of wanted me to interact with the big clients that were important to the organization and generate business by providing them technical solutions. Understanding the importance of the client, I understood the need of keeping and further building good relationships with them. The project also demanded me to guide and mentor a team of five for the timely and efficient completion of project.”

2. Use your Resume

It is a sad notion, but not all companies go through cover letters and therefore you should also work on your resume to highlight your achievements and show your skills. This way you get the chance of adding your achievements to your resume and say that you have the skills required to achieve them in a manner that it says it all for you. It is not very different from the format that is used in the cover letter. Instead of adding tables, use pointers to say your story. The picture below is a part of a job seekers resume that beautifully explains his achievements and gives him a chance to flaunt his soft skills.

It is true that adding keywords to your resume is a mantra that will definitely make the recruiter read your resume. But remember, if you use them in a way that describes you and your work, the scope of impressing the interviewer becomes greater and it is sure that you are moving the right step towards getting this job.

3. At the time of your interview

Well, you do meet professional interviewers at every step of your job search. There are times when you face questions that are least expected at the moment. In any case, when you answer any of the questions that deal with the above discussed soft skills, explain your answer quoting examples. For example you are asked “what according to you is team work?” then instead of simply giving a traditional answer of defining team work and it is taking care of every member in the team, quote an example that proves your ability of team work.

“I understood the real meaning of team work when I had to work with ten other people in order to achieve my personal goals. The project not only increased my technical knowledge but also gave me an opportunity to work with people all belonging to different backgrounds and cultures yet so easy to work with.”

In the end

Your stories and examples make what you are and give the employer a confidence in you that you can make a number of things possible like you have done in the past. This certainly increases your chances of getting hired. Be different and unique wherever you can as today with so many heads wanting to grab a single position, it is important that you work hard to make your presence felt.

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    This article is written in terrible English and has lots of grammar errors and spelling mistakes. Two things that are MOST important in a resume and cover letter. Don’t outsource articles and then not check them before posting.

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