10 Reasons You May Still be Without a Job

If you are out of a job for sometime now it will be because of something you are doing wrong or something you are not doing at all.

Check through the ten possible reasons why you don’t have a job yet.

1. You Do Not Get Enough Information on Open Jobs

A lot of jobs are advertised online and in the papers; still so many jobs aren’t announced publicly and only people who have insider access to information get invited for these positions.

This will involve expanding your network and building the right relationships with people who should know.

2. You Focus only on Job Search

You should search and apply for jobs you are qualified for by all means. But what if I tell you that almost 50% of all jobs available in the country don’t get advertised or listed. A good number is filled by head hunters/recruiters who look for suitable candidates. For instance on Ngcareers recruiters regularly search our talent database for experienced candidates that possess the skills and qualifications they want. Same goes for LinkedIn.

So a good way to take advantage is to create and have your career profile/resume available online.

3. You Don’t Impress at Interviews.

There is a lot to be written about performing well at interviews that I can only point you to some successful job interview advice.

4. You asked for far too much money

A lot of jobseekers overestimate their value to the employer. So if you just quote a too big figure during interviews you don’t need to keep wondering why you don’t get offered jobs.

5. You Apply to Jobs with the Wrong Fit

So it’s either you apply to jobs you are much over-qualified for or you send in applications to jobs that you are not qualified for or don’t have the right match for. You do plenty of quantity and little quality job application

6. You Shoot from the Hip in all Directions

Stop applying to every single job you see without pausing to check if you should even apply

7. The One Size Fits All

You shoot from the hip in all directions with the same CV and expect good results? Come on. Applying to different jobs (each with varying requirements and expectations) with an untailored CV is a major reason you don’t get called to interviews even.

8. You Don’t Follow Instructions

I can’t count how many times an employer gets job applications that completely ignore the outlined method of applications and instructions. For busy recruiters and employers your application may not see the light of day. That is the first sign that you don’t listen and probably will not be good employee.

9. You Cannot Communicate

Need I say more?

10. You are Unprepared

You go to interviews unprepared and chances are you fail to get considered for the job. Far too many graduates go in for interviews knowing next to nothing about the prospective employer, the job they are being interviewed for and the knowledge/skills required of them for the job.

Now you know what may be holding you back, go do something about it. Why not advertise your profile/resume to employers who search our talent Database every time for candidates that match their requirements.

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