3 Reasons You May Not Depend on Your Relatives or Family to Get a Job

You may have a few relatives working for blue chip companies and government parastatals and have wondered why they cannot help secure you a job in those organisations.

It is worth noting that the primary responsibility for your job search lies squarely on your shoulder. You may seek help from close friends and family but ultimately it lies on you. In many cases your friends and relations can only do so much and below are some reasons why it may be difficult to expect a relative working somewhere good to help you get in the door.

1. Strict and Formal Recruitment Procedures

No matter how highly placed your relative may be in some companies there are laid down recruitment procedures which involve several people in the decision making process of who to hire or not. In such cases that uncle of yours can hardly convince the hiring manager to consider your application ahead of others unless he owns or runs the organisations. Even at that for many big firms the MD cannot unilaterally hire someone; it must still be through the laid down procedure.

What most can do for you is provide insider information on when the organisation has vacancies to fill to enable you at least take advantage and get called for interview. From the interview test onwards they can do very little to help you especially if your performance is not a strong one that can catch the attention of the hiring team.

2. No Entry Level Jobs

For graduates it is always scarce to find openings that do not require at least 1 year of experience. Organisations do not wish to invest time and financial resources teaching the trade to bleary eyed fresh graduates so the option for zero level experience jobs (aside the occasional trainee opportunities) are narrow.

So when the organisation your relative works for has no opening for people of no experience there is nothing she can do to help bring you in the door.

3. Outsourcing

To improve impartially and strengthen their hiring process many multinationals and big organisations outsource their recruitment to external HR agencies and consultants. Most times the company management or HR team only scrutinizes and confirms the candidates sent in by their HR consultants. So the processes are almost always not something a relative in the organisation can influence as the entire process is outsourced.

While there may be other reasons (especially selfish and wrong) this article is about the limitations that can hinder one’s relative from helping secure them a job in their place of work.

In all the onus of the work needed to get a better job lies on the individual. The labour market of today makes it a complete no-brainer that you should never rely totally on someone else (relative or not) for employment.

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