10 Very Promising Sports Related Careers You Can do for Non-Sportspersons

If you are interested in any sports, have no talent or desire to work as a sportsperson here are some promising sports related careers you can take up. Doing any of these keeps you in touch with the sports you love.

1. Physiotherapist

Physio therapists work on the athletes and sportsmen/women to ensure they recover from injuries and remain physically at their best.

You might need a medical qualification to work as a Physio therapist in many situations.

2. Scouts

If you certainly love discovering new talent then scouting will be an interesting career for you. You can work for scouting networks, academies or set up your own scouting organisation

3. Sports Broadcasting (Commentators/Analysts/presenters)

If you have your way with words and got strong verbal communication abilities you may try out a career in sports broadcasting either as a commentator on radio or TV, presenter and or analyst. This particular area has become more visible in Nigeria in recent years and can only improve as the local sports scene gets better.

4. Audio and Video Equipment technicians

More team and individuals sports are getting media attention and publicity by the day. Increased coverage of sporting events warrants more skilled technicians to handle audio and video equipment

5. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Sports brands, media organisations etc will continue to have more need for marketing specialists and research analysts for the marketing that is usually tied around popular sporting events and franchise.

6. Sports Agent

Representing players and athletes is becoming a very interesting area as more and more sportspeople get valued higher than ever before. While the players focus on delivering in the field of play their agents are saddled with getting them the best deals from their employers and looking after their interest.

7. Advertising (agency and media)

Advertising professionals can work either for the agencies responsible for pushing products to the audience around and within sports events and broadcasts. They can also work in the online, radio and TV media as well taking advantage of the popularity of various sports brands and events to push goods and services of clients

8. Event Management

Each year several sports themed and sports related events are initiated and organised. Event management professionals can tap into the huge opportunity for sports events management.

9. Photo Journalism

Online media is becoming hugely popular as an avenue for consumption of sports content and related news. Photojournalists play a prominent role in this as shown by the just concluded FIFA World Cup and Commonwealth Olympics

10. Coaching

If you have the passion you can learn the rudiments of coaching in the sports of your interest and start helping the players and athletes get the best out of their bodies. This is a much more difficult and involved aspect of sports related careers one can do. You get saddled with teaching tactics and also managing the personalities of your players.

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