Career Opportunities for Philosophy Graduates

The idea for this blog post came when a user on our career community raised a question about the lack of opportunities for philosophy graduates like him. This quickly makes one recall an earlier controversial post we did on the worst degrees for employment potential in Nigeria.

If you just left school with a degree in philosophy the truth is you may find that ‘professional philosophy’ jobs are almost non-existent.

The truth is that you’ll be better off using the skills and knowledge you got from studying philosophy to pursue careers in other fields of endeavour.

Studying philosophy would have imparted you with the following skills and attributes;

– logical and analytical thinking and reasoning
– problem solving
– written and oral communication – presentation of ideas and information
– ability to interpret, condense and clarify information
– a significant amount of creativity
– ability to formulate your own opinions and defend them in debate
– curiosity, and lateral thinking
– the ability to interpret and analyse a variety of different information
– a willingness to debate any point

So how do you utilise these qualities to pursue a meaningful career for yourself or rather what kind of career pursuits can you embark on with these qualities.

You can attempt getting a job in most non-science fields but the more probable areas you should narrow your career focus on with possible further training required include;

Academia (if you have the knack to lecture you can take further advanced degrees to start teaching)
Politics (though that’ll be touch in the Nigerian sense)
Social work/services
Self improvement/Public speaking

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  1. efosa taiwo says:

    Nice one!

  2. julius says:

    I wanted to study economics in unibadan but didn’t meet up nd i decided to change to phillosophy is,it okay

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