The Most Readily Available Job: The 5 Natural Laws of Selling

This is a guest post by Taiwo Adeyemi, a HR Manager at Waterman Day College.

All you need is a good communication skill. You don’t need an impressive CV. And you’ll make money more than any salary you’d dreamt of.

How does it work?

Can you sell?

The fact is that selling is one of the businesses that can actually pay you for your time, and even pay you more.
The first 5 years of my corporate work experience were spent balancing books and making forecast – the privileged routine of an accountant. Then I was jump-started into HR. In all this, there was a field I dreaded – I couldn’t steel myself to imagine being one of them.


Doing what a salesperson does – I feared it.

You shouldn’t blame me, should you? Each time the image of folks who run around vehicles at bus stops and motor parks hawking one ware or the other came up in mind, I shuddered. Selling must be a punishing assignment, I would think.

But I was wrong!

Thank goodness I now know better. I am now fully and deeply into selling and I enjoy every moment of it. Of course I read some books and I asked questions before I started. The Laws I’m about to share now however emerged from my daily and ongoing experience.

Law 1: The Law of Knowledge states that you must know your product inside out.

It’s a very difficult job selling a product you don’t know much about. The marketplace is stocked with emotionally rational consumers who make all effort to avoid what psychologists call cognitive dissonance. No one wants to be cheated.

We all try to avoid it.

So, it’s not enough that the sales manager had briefed you about the product.
If it’s feasible, use the product yourself. If you can’t, do a research on it. Before I’d download any app on my android phone, I made sure I checked the ‘reviews’ section to find out what previous users were saying about it.

Law 2: The Law of Relations states that the people you have formed relationships with are your first and best customers.

It’s a lot easier and more effective if you phone your friend, or your pastor, or a former colleague and you politely (familiarly) request for a meeting to introduce something you are certain will be beneficial to him. Great sales are often closed at informal meetings like lunches, dinners, or at casual visits.
It’s fine if you think that you’re good at tugging at people’s shirts at bus stops. It’s great if you believe that you are an expert at ‘harassing’ people around and shoving your product in their faces. But I repeat: you don’t get much sold through such methods – and it’s too harrowing an approach.

Law 3: The Law of Volume states that the more sales calls you make, the higher the probability of making sales.

Volume speaks sense when it comes to a game of chance. It’s easier to get a lucky dip out of many tries. The probability of picking a yellow card from a pack of cards is higher if there are many yellow cards in the pack.
It isn’t different in selling either. If you build a contact list of 50 people, your chances of making sales are higher than if your list has only 10.

Law 4: The Law of Relevance states that never underrate anybody on your contact list.

It’s perfectly normal and natural to assume that some folks can’t afford to buy what we sell. This may be because of their financial capacity or several other factors known to us. But that’s a common fallacy. It’s a mistake in selling.

You’ll be surprised that people buy products for different reasons. It may come as a shock to you then to find out that some guys actually borrowed money to get your product.
The icing on the cake however is that some people may not have the capacity to buy but they can refer you to people that can buy.

Law 5: The Law of Neutrality states that it’s safer not to take sides with either success or failure in sales.

You want to know what can ruin a perfectly great day for you? Let a person you’d been dead sure would buy your product turn down your offer. If you’re too emotionally optimistic in such a case, your self-esteem and confidence will take a crushing bash. This may affect your eagerness to go sell more.

You need to understand first that rejecting your product doesn’t mean you are not good. You are in the business of offering what you think is good for your customers. Your customers decide if it’s actually useful to them.
It pays therefore to always expect a ‘Yes or No’ situation so that you don’t injure yourself emotionally.

OK. I’m taking a pause here.

There are more secrets I can reveal but not here.

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