Six Tips for Landing a Job in the Beauty Industry

If you have a passion for cosmetics, fragrance, or hair, or you’re simply interested in what women buy to stay beautiful, you might have wondered how to break in to the beauty industry. The global beauty industry brings in over $200 billion every year, and its product and marketing innovation inspires millions of hopeful entrepreneurs. How do you get started in this exciting and creative field?

1. Look the Part

In order to help others stay beautiful, you have to know which products work for you and perfect your own beauty regime. Walk into interviews with the goal of getting someone to ask about your makeup, clothes, or hair. Think of yourself as someone who sets trends.

2. Go to School

Once you know which area of the beauty industry you’re interested in, enroll in an accredited program to get the knowledge you need. Cosmetology schools like Canadian Beauty College Inc may offer several different locations, so you can decide where you most want to live and start a career.

3. Get Hired

Sending out letters to big cosmetic companies never hurts, but you don’t have to start out with a top job. Many people transition into the beauty industry from working the makeup counter at Macy’s or other department stores. It builds your experience level for when you apply for an internship.

4. Think Outside the Box

Your first professional job might be doing hair or makeup for actors, working local fashion shows, or even working at a funeral home. Don’t limit where you could make valuable contacts or learn valuable skills to jumpstart your beauty career.

5. Stay Informed

The internet provides the perfect way for anyone to stay on top of industry news and developments. Know who the biggest beauty influencers are, stay on top of blogs, magazines, and social media, and read everything you can. This can give you a big advantage against less dedicated hopefuls.

6. Develop Other Skills

No matter whether you want to open a salon or market your own brand of skin care products, beauty is a business. Learn all you can about marketing, finance, and other aspects of running a company. You also need strong writing and communication skills, and you need to be able to network.

Breaking into the beauty industry might not be easy, but it’s doable for anyone with the passion to succeed. Look your best and think like a pro, and you’re bound to find your place.

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