5 Tips to Securing Your Career

Securing your career is about the easiest thing you could do for yourself. It’s imperative to understand that securing your job (thus potentially your career path) is not about making other people lose theirs through lobby and foul plays in your organization.

Moving on, yet we must survive in this competitive and rough market called employment. There is a need for you to do something in good time and not allow some work factors call the shots. Included in this article are five major tips to securing your career.

1. Work Objectively:

Working without targets, actualization plans and strategies, time allotment and KPIs is like trying to grab the air. Get a hold of the details on your company’s long and short term vision, find out what targets are set for you or your unit and adjust accordingly. This brings us to the next point, actualization plans and strategies.

For most well-structured organizations, corporate actualization plan and strategies are always handy. Acquaint yourself well with the plans and strategies on how they intend to achieve the set vision and target. It’s always up to you to device and roll out an implementation plan, which will guaranty above 90% task realization for you.

Also, it’s obvious that a plan without time frame is incomplete and as such, all corporate actualization plan and strategies come with deadlines. Therefore, you should develop and break down your implementation plan within the corporate set time.

Finally, on this note key performance indicators are paramount; as they act as guide, progress trackers and motivators for you. In this light, break down the entire plan into steps with time frame allotted to each one of them and stick to the plan. Always review the plan, monitor work progress and motivate yourself to achieve more.

2. Understand and execute assigned duty:

Doing your job is doing exactly what you are paid to do. Understanding and executing an assigned task will help a great deal to reduce waste of valuable time, energy and resources. A cash officer who left her duty post and assisted the tellers to receive cash in the bid to reduce the crowd in the banking, was seriously corrected by the branch auditor as a large number of unauthorized tickets piled her desk. You see, while you lend a hand: use discretion.

3. Create a niche for yourself:

Standing out from the crowd demands commitment and creativity. It’s always easy to notice something clearly different from others. It gives you a leading edge and a firm control on your position in the job. Always research and find out new and better ways of doing what you do, as long as it produces expected results without breaking the rules.

4. Accept new responsibilities:

The common saying goes: “The reward for a job well done is more work”. This in itself is huge security for your career, as no one will entrust greater responsibilities to you when you haven’t excellently executed the previous task assigned to you. Accept new responsibilities and open your arms for more, as your prepare yourself to continuously restructure your working plan.

5. Maintain a good relationship with your superiors/boss:

You may have noticed in the previous stages of your career life, that superiors who related well with you were continuously assigning new responsibilities to you. You are always the perfect person to be called almost all of the time. In this light you could easily get promotions from your superiors and recommendations, in case you decide to move on.

With these amazing tips, even if there was a merger, acquisition or a restructure in your organization, you will not find yourself among the list of staffs to be dropped.

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